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1200 Abernathy Rd, Suite 1700, Atlanta, GA 30329 | Web Sales Presentations Made Instant.

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1 1200 Abernathy Rd, Suite 1700, Atlanta, GA 30329 | Web Sales Presentations Made Instant

2 The ONLY webconference system designed just for SALES. Deep Sales Insight. Utilize our interactive voting tool to help you identify the key decision criteria you need to close critical sales. Sales Performance Reporting. Managers receive auto reports to see who presented, how often, how well, and prospect feedback. Accessible from Anywhere. Late from a meeting or lunch? Viewer not at her desk? Present or view from any smartphone. Less Prospect Hassle. Focus on presenting, not fumbling over viewer login & tech issues. No plug-ins, lost emails or invite codes.

3 Far Easier to Launch Launch directly from YOUR website Prospects will instantly join after selecting your name 1 2 3 Options to join the presenter: 1- list names 2- type first 3 letters 3- assign number/code 3

4 Launches with NO Plug-Ins & NO Flash  38 million devices can not use WebEx without a plug-in or download!!!  GoPresent is the ONLY system that works on all devices instantly. Host or join from any laptop, smartphone or iPad - worldwide. No more missed or delayed appointments. Laptops

5 Deep Insight from Interactive Social Voting Get live feedback per slide and powerful sales insight during and after the presentation to help close critical sales. Pricing is fine…do not lower! Prospect thinks this is not credible… need to fortify with facts. Key Insights Now What Do We Know ? What the prospect's priorities are. How to follow-up with prospect to close the sale. How to improve the presentation to increase close ratio.

6 Auto Reporting of Sales Presentation Metrics Run reports to see who presented, how often, and how well. View details by scrolling over stats.

7 The Only Web Presentation Platform Customized for Sales NOT Webconferencing…Web Presenting!

8 Presenter Notes Keeps sales pitch on trackHidden speaker notes

9 Whiteboard Drawing Platform Highlight important messaging. Focus prospects’ attention on key topics or features.

10 First Ever to Enable Web Demos with NO Plugins and NO Flash Jump to any website and navigate within that site.

11 About GoPresent Headquartered in Atlanta, GoPresent is an innovative web technology company focused on providing the best online presentation system to our customers. We are a portfolio company of CEO Ventures, a leading Atlanta venture firm focused on next generation business technologies. Some of our clients include: GoPresent | Atlanta, GA

12 Pricing & Getting Started Tell us number of users you want Tell us how you’d like to be billed Start Your Dynamic Web Presentations Up to 25 $45 25-50 $40 50-100 $35 100+ GoPresent Group Rates No. users Price per mo/per user Easy to Get Started Special Rate - This month only! $39 $34 $29 Custom quote Donna L Wise | 800 518 8652 x819 | In an Existing Contract? No Problem. Change to GoPresent and we will credit your remaining months!

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