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Summer Session - Day 1 August 12-14, 2013. A4A PRIME DAY 1: Welcome! Please find your group.

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1 Summer Session - Day 1 August 12-14, 2013

2 A4A PRIME DAY 1: Welcome! Please find your group


4 In Your Groups: Independently Review each assessment item (10 minutes). o Water Tank Problem o Expressions and Equations 3 At your table, discuss your initial approach to the problem. Show two or more possible approaches/pathways to solving.

5 SBAC Assessment Items How do these items relate to the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice? PRIME Participant Experience


7 Create a lesson in cross-district, content groups that will be taught at the beginning of the year. Identify rich tasks and promote meaningful student conversations. Utilize a TTLP. Present lesson to the whole group.

8 Group Dynamics Each cross-district content group will require having a member who has previously attended Algebra for All or Algebra PRIME. Each content group should have 3-5 participants. Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2

9 In your groups, pair off: -A1, A2, B1, B2 -A1 and A2 will introduce themselves -A1, A2 will introduce each other to B1, B2 FOCUS QUESTION(S):

10 Tiling a Patio

11 Explain how your rule relates to the visual representation of the patio.

12 Choosing your Lesson Topic Your activity should encompass something that you will teach in the beginning of the school year. This is the Mathematical Content for which you are searching for or creating an activity. What is the objective or content goal?


14 After Lunch Begin working on Lesson: Introduce Revised TTLP Rich Task Simulation Sorting Activity: - NOT A Rich Task – Rich Discuss Characteristics of Rich Tasks

15 RESOURCES: Where can we find “rich tasks”? Look for Jim Licht’s page (lower right hand margin) Thanks, Jim!

16 After Lunch, cont. Begin working individually (for the sake of getting multiple viewpoints & misconceptions) on your tasks.

17 Day 1 Closure Each Group will complete a Poster with: Content goals Rich Task Description Other information you’d like to share

18 Summer Session - Day 2 August 12-14, 2013

19 Summer, Day 2 AGENDA Gallery walk from Summary Posters (prompts?) What conversation or discourse would you like to hear from your students? Discussion: Maintaining a High Level of Cognitive Demand BREAK Continue working on the lesson, using the TTLP Questioning



22 After Lunch Activity to re-focus FACILITATORS

23 Day 2 Closure Add to Poster: Questions you will ask to help the group get started. Questions you will ask to encourage ALL students to share their thinking. Misconceptions you anticipate. Other information you’d like to share

24 Summer Session - Day 3 August 12-14, 2013

25 Summer, Day 3 AGENDA Gallery Walk Continue Planning Formative Assessments Preparing activities, handouts, formative assessments Establish Dates for Implementing the lesson Upload Lesson to Learnport (View Demo first) Lesson Reporting Information – in the Fall Final Evaluation



28 Looking Ahead… FALL, DAY 1 Reporting Did you modify or improve your lesson from summer before you taught it? If so, why? What observations did you take from your students as you facilitated the task. How do you know they are achieving the learning goals. How did you wrap up the task from day to day? How did you maintain connections to the task? How would/did you modify your lesson after it was taught?


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