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Updating your BNI Connect Profile

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1 Updating your BNI Connect Profile
BNI Farmington Hills

2 Completed Profile Example
Who you are What you offer What you seek How to reach you Links for more info


4 Update BNI Profile

5 Profile Sections Main Profile User Profile Contact Details
Account Settings Bio Training History

6 Main Profile Name, business name, industry/classification
My Business – description Keywords Complete BOTH sections!

7 User Profile Change Username and Pasword Upload Profile Photo
Upload Company Logo Branding!

8 Contact Details Include any phone numbers you’d want people to use

9 Contact Details Email Website Social Networking Links
Got these? Show them to get them to the next step!

10 Account Settings You can control who sees what…

11 Account settings How often do you want to get email?
Real time, daily, weekly, none

12 Account settings What should be forwarded to you?

13 Bio section My Bio My Commercial GAINS Profile Tops Profile
You control who sees these.

14 Bio My Bio Used for weekly speaker introductions
Years in business, family, residence, interests Burning desire Something no one knows My key to success Used for weekly speaker introductions

15 Bio GAINS Profile Tops Profile
Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, Skills Tops Profile Ideal Referral, Top Product, Top Problem Solved, Ideal Referral Partner

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