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Member Agreement and Expectations Personnel Paperwork.

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1 Member Agreement and Expectations Personnel Paperwork

2  Sign In/Housekeeping Issues  Energizer/Ice Breaker

3  Depending on which activity you go with, type in instructions.

4 AgendaPST Schedule

5  Depending on your program you may review full time or part time member agreement.  You may choose to review it on this power point lecture style, round robin, have members review individually or in groups. Review item by item and have Members initial by each item to signify they understand it.  Member Agreement items: Purpose, Minimum Qualifications, Terms of Service, Benefits, Program Supervision, Attendance Policies, Work Site Attendance, Training Sessions and Team Meetings, Community Service Projects, Dress Code, Transportation, Documentation, Safe Practices, Rules of Conduct, Release from Term of Service, Grievance Procedures, Site Assignment, Resignation, Amendment to this Agreement, Authorization  After review, Members should sign one copy and submit it to the Local Facilitator. Members should keep the other for their records.

6 Commit to the full program year  As a full-time or half-time member of the AMC BHC/Y program, you are agreeing to commit to the full program year (10 months), to performing service in your community, and to meeting all member requirements for successful completion. If you have reservations, or are just looking to do this “until something else comes along” we ask that you not join our program. Be professional and dedicated  AmeriCorps is not for everyone. The hours are long, the pay minimal and the challenges sometimes seem insurmountable. But even with those difficulties, there are thousands of committed citizens who take up the challenge and succeed beyond all expectations. AMC members are making a difference in communities by helping to mobilize community resources and empower others to be a force of change. If you decide to commit to this opportunity, we expect that you will give it your all and be professional, committed and energetic. Anyone can get a job; not everyone can be an AMC member!

7  PROGRAM OUTCOMES With AMC Members providing adult caring relationships to mentees, we are expecting the following outcomes:  80% mentor/mentee match retention  64% of mentees will show no or reduced school disciplinary actions  55% of mentees will show increased resiliency demonstrated by an increased average score in the caring relationship protective factor  Other mentee data will be analyzed for continuous program improvement  Program will also recruit nearly 800 volunteers to contribute 2,575 hours of community service






13  Depending on your group size you can break up your group into separate stations or do activity #3 in Chapter 6 pages 18-24 (261- 267)




17  History and Mission  Can use information from Orientation power point  Highly Recommend an Activity


19  W1dN4 W1dN4  Or choose any AMC video you’d like



22 Thank you for your service! Today was a long day with a lot of information, but you stuck it out. Have a great evening! See you tomorrow.

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