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Ms. Livoti’s Guide to making Drawing and Painting your favorite class EVER.

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1 Ms. Livoti’s Guide to making Drawing and Painting your favorite class EVER

2 Be able to draw and paint realistically from direct observation Be able to use wet and dry media proficiently in creating a work of art Be able to produce work demonstrating three dimensional illusion of space Be able to conceive and apply conceptual vision Be able to solve visual problems in a journal/sketchbook format High quality work is expected and it is assumed that work from this course will be included in AP level portfolios.

3 Creating, Performing and Participating in the arts: Participating in art activities Knowing and Using Art Materials and Resources: Making use of art materials and resources Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art: Critically responding to works of art Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts: Understanding the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts our culture


5 If you have any personal issues regarding the course, material, class procedures, or other students please see me directly. I will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

6 Class work/Projects …..……………………………..65% Class Participation/ Effort ………………………….10% Homework/Sketchbook…………...……………….10% Tests/ Quizzes……………………………………….…15%

7 CLASS PROJECTS: Late projects receive 5 points off EVERYDAY they are late. You have up to ONE WEEK to complete an assignment after a due date. This must be completed at home or during extra help. After one week you will receive a ZERO as a project grade. This is unable to be changed for the Marking Period. HOMEWORK DEADLINES: Homework will not be accepted after a due date. Homework directly applies to the day’s lesson. Late homework receive a ZERO. SKETCHBOOK DEADLINES: Sketchbooks are graded according to your EFFORT and level of completion. If you do not hand in a sketchbook assignment on time you will receive a ZERO. Remember: Sketchbooks affect your homework average!


9 Aim: What should the rules of the Art Room be? Do Now: Create 2 classroom rules that you think would be important for an art room.

10 Be Prepared Everyday!

11 Participate in class and put in your best effort!

12 Keep books and bags off the desk, and out of the aisle on the floor.

13 Cell phone policy: You must sign the technology agreement to use your phone only for artistic purposes. If your phone is out, or being used for a non-art purpose it will be taken away. Your parents will get a phone call home. Repeat cell phone offenders will find their phone in the main office at the end of the day where your parents will have to pick it up.

14 MUSIC Policy You are not allowed to play music from your phone or other device during class. Listening to music from your personal device with headphones may be allowed while working in an open studio setting- but this is a class earned privilege. No headphones during demos, lessons, class discussions or critiques. Van Gotye

15 Leave food/drinks in the front of the room. Please don’t eat near artwork.

16 Be attentive and respectful!

17 Be open to meeting new people and working with others in class. Get to know your classmates! It’s a great way to show your respect for others.

18 Respect your supplies and the art room’s supplies! Don’t take/touch something without asking permission! Don’t invade others personal spaces. Use all supplies properly, clean supplies, and put supplies back where you find them!

19 Raise your hand when you’d like to share something


21 Don’t write on school property. If you feel like drawing put it on paper.

22 If you want to leave on time, help clean up the room...even if it wasn’t your mess.

23 Stay in your seat unless told otherwise! Walking around can be dangerous and distracting!

24 Don’t EVER throw away an artwork without Ms. Livoti’s approval!

25 The experience you have in this room is dependent upon your attitude.

26 Commit to your art training! Make art part of your day, every day and stick to it! Walking through the door of the art room is your first step. Don’t get scared or worried about making art, or what it will look like. Make artwork for the practice! Enjoy the practice, not the result. Stay calm and work hard at each project! Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Every day will be different, do what you can each day Give your teacher and classmates your personal best so they may achieve theirs. Motivate each other to do better! Don’t cheat at art by letting someone do something for you. You have to develop your own skill and style!

27 1 set Premier Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Tin Box Set of 24 1 Red Wallet Portfolio, with Handles 20" × 26” Canson 9x12 sketchbook, 100 sheets This sketchbook will also be where you take class notes and do your HW General’s Sketchmate set- this includes a white vinyl eraser, one sharpener, 3 graphite pencils in various hardness, two charcoal pencils, a drafting pencil, and a blending tool 1 Sharpie Pen Discounted price kits are available for $41.72 (incl. tax), normal price is about $70. Available at Blick stores. Blick will sell kits in school sept. 5th and 10 th ! Bring cash!

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