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Warm-up #13 How did warriors move up in rank in the Aztec society?

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1 Warm-up #13 How did warriors move up in rank in the Aztec society?
How were flower wars unique from a traditional war?

2 Engineering an Empire Today we are going to learn about Aztec achievements in engineering. As we watch the video, answer you video questions. Keep a list of Aztec achievements that impressed you are we watch the video. Stop video at 29 minutes.  

3 Homework Chapter 15.2 Assessment Questions.
Read chapter 15.2 in your textbook. Copy questions 1a, 2a, 2b, & 3a and answer in complete sentences on page 33 of your notebook. Tomorrow is a project workday so bring your GRAPES paper and any materials you’d like to use to work on your project. If you have digital work, bring it on a flash drive. Everyone must have something productive to work on.

4 Warm-up #14 1) What about Aztec engineering was the most impressive to you and why? 2) Why might Tenochtitlan be a good city to live in? Explain your answer.

5 Chapter 15.2 Assessment Questions
1a. How was it decided when the Aztecs should plant crops or hold ceremonies? Answer – These decisions were made according to the Aztec calendar. 2a. What did the Aztecs feed their gods? Answer: The Aztecs feed their gods blood.

6 Chapter 15.2 Assessment Questions
2b Why did the Aztecs think human sacrifice was important? Answer – They believed it would keep their gods strong and save the world from destruction; the sun would no longer rise without sacrifice. 3. What might you find in an Aztec codex? Answer: You would find records and stories from Aztec history.

7 Worktime Study Guide  Due Sept 24th GRAPES Project  Due Sept 26th
Finish graphic organizer to plan Write your paragraphs for each topic. Construct your project (if needed ask for paper) Review requirements (see rubric)

8 Grapes Flipbook Choose a culture: Aztec or Maya
40 points, Due Sept 26th GRAPES Flipbook: Each section will have a title, picture, and sentence long descriptions. Typed or in ink. Digital pictures must have a citation. Geography – describe the region and adoptions Religion – beliefs and creation story. Accomplishments - name and describe the five most important accomplishments of this civilization (opinion). Politics – who ruled, what responsibilities did they have, how were they treated/seen? Economy – how and what goods did they trade. Social Structure – what were the social groups, describe their roles and power.

9 Citation Example

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