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Discovering Your Career March 2014. Overview Discovering Your Career 1.General Information 2.Hot Careers 3.Earning Potential.

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1 Discovering Your Career March 2014

2 Overview Discovering Your Career 1.General Information 2.Hot Careers 3.Earning Potential 4.Job Availability 5.Educational Requirements 6.Useful Resources Meet Matt

3 Centre For Arts & Technology Sponsor One School. Three Amazing Campuses. Offering over 15 fully accredited certificate and diploma programs. – EXPLORE OUR PROGRAMS at Ask about our: – Launch Your Career Grant. – Scholarships. – Flexible Hybrid Learning Options.

4 General Information Important Questions What am I good at? What do I enjoy? What are my skills? What are some realistic career goals? What careers are currently in-demand, or will be in the future? What kinds of programs and schools support my potential career goals? How can I learn more about myself so I can determine what I am good at or enjoy doing?

5 General Information Your Personal Dashboard Answer: Student Dashboard. Use this hub to organize all of your information and as a planning tool for careers.

6 is a great resource to help you begin to answer all of these questions. In one place, you can: Search careers, View career categories, Get career advice, and See Hot Careers! Where To Start? General Information

7 Show Me The Money! Hot Careers Students who are eager to start their careers often want to start with earnings, income, and the money! The Hot Careers section is a great starting point to help you start your search and get a look at different careers by income.Hot Careers

8 Career Profile Hot Careers

9 Employers/Earnings Earning Potential Check out the Employers/Earnings tab on one of your chosen career profiles. This gives a summary of the past and future earnings for that career field.

10 Outlook 2020 Job Availability Planning is an important part of the job hunting process – especially for students entering or currently enrolled in post- secondary. Outlook 2020 is a great way to look at the job availability of the future.

11 Career Categories Job Availability

12 Using Career Profiles Job Availability Once you’ve clicked on a Career Option, you will learn more about: – Specific Duties – Job Titles. – Schools Offering Programs Related to the Career. Save the careers that interest you the most to your Dashboard by clicking “Save”.

13 The Education Behind Careers Educational Requirements Each career has a set of educational requirements needed for the role. – You are able to see these requirements on the career profile, as well as the schools offering each program. Request Info from schools that offer programs related to your potential career to receive more personalized correspondence and information.

14 Profile & Areas of Expertise Educational Requirements Select Profile for details about the school and what makes it unique. Learn what areas the school specializes in (i.e. Areas of Expertise).

15 Admissions Requirements Educational Requirements Under Admissions, you will discover the program or school’s pre-requisites, application details, and deadlines.

16 Programs Educational Requirements Click Programs to see a full list of the programs offered at your school of interest. Sort by Subject if you are interested in a specific field of study.

17 3-Step Career Quiz Useful Resources Get started with the 3-step Career Quiz. 3-step Career Quiz

18 Create A Shortlist Useful Resources Take a look through the Career Options and consider your Top 5 favourite. Take a close look at what field or industry you’d like to eventually work in and jot down specific job titles you’d like to occupy.

19 Tell Us What You Think! Feedback & Questions Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 67 Mowat Ave., Suite 533 Toronto, ON M6K 3E3 1-800-211-5577

20 Careers Section Get Started Now!

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