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Subspace Horizons The Brochure for Space Tourism.

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1 Subspace Horizons The Brochure for Space Tourism

2 What is Space Tourism? In recent years, a new phenomena in which wealthy individuals pay to be flown into space. Since the Russians flew Toyohiro Akiyama, a Tokyo business man, onto the Mir space station in the 1990s, space tourism has been a slow moving, yet evermore probable form of Tourism as the years continue.

3 SpaceShipOne  Winner of the X-Prize, a prize designed for the first private company to reach an altitude of 62 km twice in a span of two weeks.

4 The Dynamics of the SpaceShipOne This diagram describes the flight process of the SpaceShipOne in its rendezvous with outerspace. A picture of the SpaceShipOne gliding in descent back home.

5 Interested in becoming a Space Tourist? Here is the outline of our plan to get you into space and chasing your galactic dreams. Give Your Dreams Wings

6 Beginning your Space Process Important: It is important to realize there is an EXTREME DANGER involved in any space- flight travel. The possibility of life-altering or fatal injuries is always a possibility. It is important to discuss all the risks of space flight with your doctor, family, and loved ones. To begin your quest to space it is important to:  Determine specifically which program you’d like to use.  Determine how you’d like to fund your endeavors.

7 Funding Advice  Though a majority of your financial responsibility will be up to the tourist, there are ways to produce additional revenue.  Media, specifically News Papers, Television, and Radio broadcasts will draw attention to you and your cause, and in many cases these companies will contribute to your endeavors for a trade in some sort of exclusive coverage of your Space Flight.  Many independent research companies have experiments that require outer-space as a variable, and helping them along is of monetary interest to yourself.

8 Subspace Horizons Package Table Sub-Orbital FlightOrbital FlightSpace Walk BASICYESNO SILVERYES NO GOLDYES

9 BASIC Package COST:$200,000- $630,000 MAJOR PROVIDER: Virgin Galactic In this package, tourists spend 2.5 hours In luxury at amazing altitudes, before The wonderful 5 minute glide on the edge of space. Up to 60,000 people have already queued for tickets on Virgin Galactic with a starting price Of 200,000 dollars to be put at the end of the list.

10 SILVER PACKAGE COST: $20,000,000-30,000,000 MAIN PROVIDER: Space Adventures, Ltd. Costs include the physical and instructional training, launch cost, as well as accomodation as a round orbital trip on a Soyuz will take approximately one week, with intensive Monotoring from ground control as well as participation in the requirements of the Cosmonauts. Join Richard Tito, Mark Shuttleworth, and others in this grand once of a life time experience.

11 GOLD Package COST: approx. $450,000,000 MAJOR PROVIDER: Unavailable Unfortunately, NASA is the only known body able to perform space walks and allows other countries to perform them with great procedure. However, the cost of communications, and having a fully Staffed command center doing the Bidding of a tourist, would cost on the Upwards of $450 million dollars. We do Offer strategies for accomplishing this Goal, however. (see slide 7)

12 Contact one of our coveted partners today! What are you waiting for?

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