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How To (correctly) Complete an SR 2 QR By: Mitch Kerr.

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1 How To (correctly) Complete an SR 2 QR By: Mitch Kerr

2 The SR 2 QR and You There are multiple components before you even begin reading to start the SR 2 QR. First write the section title, page numbers, your name, and the date in the spaces allotted above the actual SR 2 QR. From there you move onto the material.

3 What does SR 2 QR stand for? Survey - Here you will look through the pages assigned and look for anything that you recognize or already know. You should write what the terms or concepts mean, not just list the terms. Also on this section it is ok to be wrong. It directly says write what you think you know. If it turns out during the reading you were wrong, it’s ok, you are learning the right answer now.

4 What does SR 2 QR stand for? Read - This is the most important part of the whole sheet. The best way to complete this part is read a page and then fill out any vital information(reader’s judgment) in the space. Then continue to do so for each page. It helps to write equations, terms, vocabulary, concepts, or anything of that nature. Make sure to include the special sections of chemistry and you, or the real world applications in this column.

5 What does SR 2 QR stand for? Review- As the name entitles, you basically create a short and to the point summary of everything you learned while reading the lesson. Also make sure to include a sentence or two from the chemistry and you or real world applications section.

6 What does SR 2 QR stand for? Questions- Chemistry can be a challenging subject at times. In this section you can ask anything you want about the material. It can range from anything of curiosity about what you have learned or being legitimately confused about the material. Don’t ask questions that you know the answers to. Take time and think about this for a while because then you will better understand the material.

7 What does SR 2 QR stand for? Relate- The final part of an SR 2 QR, here you try to tie in what you have learned from reading into prior experiences, things you’d like to try someday, or simply of what the concepts remind you of. You need to make the material tie into a real world application.

8 Why We Do SR 2 QR’s All The Time I’ll be the first one to tell you future Chem one students, SR2QR’s are the key to doing well in this class. Everyone goes into chemistry afraid because all they hear is how hard it is, never how fun it is. A lot of people don’t enjoy classes because they aren’t doing well, but if you do SR 2 QR’s and the class becomes easier you will actually enjoy yourself and maybe go on to take Chem two! Sometimes the concepts can get a little challenging, but that’s why the SR 2 QR’s are so vital to success. If you actually take time and effort of producing good work on these, you will not only understand the material, you will also spend less time later trying to cram for a test or trying to understand the homework. Also the next day Mr. Appier will basically reteach you what you just tried to teach yourself the night before. It’s like getting double the practice. I can’t guarantee an A in the class, but you will have a heck of a lot easier time doing well. Sincerely, Mitch Kerr

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