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OhioHealth Science Program and the National Healthcareer Association

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1 OhioHealth Science Program and the National Healthcareer Association
How to incorporate nationally recognized, industry certification into you Health Science Career Pathways A partnership to prepare students for the healthcare workforce

2 Session Agenda Introductions - we want to learn about you.
- who is the National Healthcareer Association (NHA)? Introduction to certification – what is it and why is it important? Preparing your students for certification. - Suggested Course Resources - Best Practice implementation of NHA “Preparation Package” Getting Started! Your next steps to a successful NHA Partnership Lyndsey McDonald| Director, School Partnerships (978) Nic Hestand| Certification Solutions Specialist (913) Tricia Austin| Senior Solutions Specialist Tricia (913)

3 We want to learn from you!
Have you ever heard of NHA? What Health Science Programs do you offer? Anyone offering new programs this year? What Health Science Pathways would you like to offer in the future? Why is offering certification important to – You? Your students? Your school district? Does our agenda cover all that you wanted? Anything else you’d like to learn? Before we talk about national certification that NHA provides, I want to hear from you all about why you think certification would be important to your students or add value to your program. I’m assuming some of you believe either of those options to be true or else I may not have been invited here today…

4 We do meaningful work Ascend Learning is a world-leading education technology company serving healthcare and other high-growth career industries. We produce unique content, software and great student results. Through our rigorously researched assessments, continuous analytical benchmarking and broad and unique range of learning tools, we provide customized education for everyone. We assist universities, colleges and businesses in educating students—from the beginning of undergraduate studies and throughout their professional careers. With our help, students learn better and faster. We’re not just about getting people educated, we’re about preparing people for the real world—our students are the everyday people who help you every day. Our family of leading technology based education businesses includes: ATI Nursing Education, Advanced Informatics, Jones & Bartlett Learning, ATI Allied Health, NHA, NASM, ClickSafety and ExamFX. Our platform & technology advantage consists of: We have 60 years of combined experience in the fields of teaching, research and assessment development. Rich online content that includes interactive assessments, multi-media content and customized learning paths. Teams of PhD’s specializing in psychometrics and research who foster and continuously improve rigorous assessments used to determine student outcomes. Quality benchmarking through analytics and reporting so educators can provide ongoing improvement feedback to students. Blended learning options. Educators have the ability to tailor the teaching methods to fit the individual student’s needs. From online tutorials to printed materials to personal coaching. Our students. Our future. Our future students. Currently the Ascend Learning focus is primarily on higher education schools in the healthcare and wellness industries. We’re proud of our partnerships with the best educators and top colleges, universities and businesses around the country. In the near future we’re looking forward to expanding our reach by offering products and services directly to employers.

5 NHA is leading the way NHA is the leading provider of entry level allied health career certifications. Our Mission is to drive allied health professional excellence to advocate for quality patient care. Who We Are The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is one of the nation’s largest allied health certification providers. Since 1989 NHA has helped thousands of schools across the nation to produce better professionals and better program outcomes. What We Do NHA is dedicated to improving the quality of patient care through education, certification and ongoing professional development of allied health practitioners. Our Vision is for our certification and educational solutions to empower allied health professional achievement with proven product efficacy and exceptional support preferred by professionals, educators, and employers. NHA is the nations leading provider of entry level healthcare career certification. Since 1989, NHA has been promoting quality patient care through partnerships with education institutions. By working closely with allied health educators and the healthcare industry, we’re working to improve the healthcare workforce one graduate at a time.

6 Certification Defined
What is a national certification? The process of publicly attesting that a specified quality or standard has been achieved or exceeded. Third party validation of competency as being able to competently complete a job or task, usually by the passing of an examination. Typically a voluntary process. How does certification differ from licensure? State grant of legal authority to practice a profession within a designated scope of practice. Why is it important? Typically a voluntary process although regulations, especially in healthcare related professions, continue to enforce certification as industry standard. Answers to “Why is it important” are on the ensuing slides.

7 Why Certify? From an Employer’s Perspective
Promote Higher Standard of Practice Patient Safety Patient Satisfaction Satisfy Growing Regulatory and Other Industry Compliance Requirements CMS Meaningful Use Initiatives - State Regulations Other Important Considerations Risk Mitigation Cost Reduction Employee Satisfaction and Retention Employee Advancement Multiple Credentials = More Qualified, Well-trained Professionals. CAHPS scores-patient surveys. Value based purchasing, based on process of care and experience of care Affordable Care Act WHY CERTIFY

8 Why Certify? From a Student’s Perspective
Experience a competitive edge during the job search. Provides a solid foundation for furthering education. Demonstrates commitment to chosen profession and to patient care and safety. Improved potential for earnings, career opportunities, and advancement. National credentials may ensure employment potential nationwide Provides students with a competitive edge for job placement. Certification(s) can improve a candidate’s potential earnings & advancement. Demonstrates the candidate’s commitment to their profession & to upholding patient safety. Certification is preferred & often times required for employment. WHY CERTIFY FAQs:

9 Why Certify? From a School’s Perspective
Demonstrates commitment to your students’ and contributes to district’s success/funding opportunities. Generally speaking, certification improves student graduation rates and overall achievement of student “work readiness” success measures. Better Professionals through 3rd party validation of students’ competencies. Increases students’ potential for improved earning and advancement opportunities. WHY CERTIFY FAQs:

10 NHA Credentials Making the healthcare industry better
Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) Making the healthcare industry better one healthcare worker at a time. Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT) EKG Technician (CET) Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) Patient Care Technician Certification (CPCT) Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) Dedicated to improving the quality of patient care through education, certification and ongoing professional development of allied health practitioners. We have certified over 400,000 individuals. We partner with over 2,000 schools. Our exams are a nationally recognized measurement of competency. We adhere to the Institute of Credentialing Excellence’s (ICE) stringent exam standards and requirements. We have an employer outreach team tasked with educating our health care employers on the value of NHA certification. ,000 practitioners certified by NHA have satisfied certification requirements demonstrating a level of competence in their professional specialty. Briefly touch on stackable credentials. We offer 8 allied health certifications, which have been successfully adopted by over 2,400 educational programs and greater than 400,000 practitioners across the United States. All exams except Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) are offered provisionally.

11 A positive outlook for health care professions
NHA CERTIFICATIONS 2010 TOTAL MEDIAN PAY % GROWTH NEW JOBS BY 2020 Patient Care Technician (CPCT) 1,505,000 $ 24,190 20-28% 496,100 Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) 528,000 $ 29,100 29% 243,800 Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) 509,000 $ 31,060 278,400 Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS) 505,000 $ 32,880 187,600 Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) 334,000 $ 28,940 166,300 Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) 202,000 $ 30,790 10-19% 65,800 Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) 180,000 $ 33,310 73,700 EKG Technician (CET) 49,000 $ 51,020 22,100 Are any of these health care professions in high demand in your area?

12 NHA CPCT vs. Ohio STNA STNA CPCT Additional Details
Work with RN or LPN Perform basic care duties and clerical functions Provide education Maintain patient’s physical/emotional state Educational training prerequisite for job Licensure is required Perform same functions as the CNA plus: Record vital sign health information Collect samples EKG monitoring/Phlebotomy Provide Basic Level of physical therapy Most states require certification According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics…. The nursing assistants professions are projected to grow 21 % by 2020 However….. Patient Care Techs are in higher demand with 28% projected growth by 2020 Adding phlebotomy and EKG technician concepts to the current CNA program will help to prepare students for the CPCT CPCT Test plan available at

13 Recommended classroom resources to prepare students for NHA certification

14 Recommended classroom resources to prepare students for NHA certification
Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies, 7th Edition Michelle Blesi; Barbara A. Wise; Cathy Kelley-Arney -ISBN-10: ISBN-13: Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office: Fundamentals and Practice, 2nd Edition Cindy Correa -ISBN-10: ISBN-13: Delmar's Administrative Medical Assisting, 4th Edition Wilburta Q. Lindh; Marilyn Pooler; Carol D. Tamparo; Barbara M. Dahl -ISBN-10: ISBN-13: Medical Office Practice, 8th Edition Phillip S. Atkinson; Diane R. Timme -ISBN-10: ISBN-13:

15 Student Success from Start to Finish
Your Health Science Program(s) + ATI Allied Health Certification Exam Preparation Industry Recognized, Accredited Certifications Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Focused Review Achieve Career and Work Ready Students

16 NHA Recommended Steps to a Successful Implementation
ATI Allied Health has recently developed a guideline for ‘best practices’ around implementation of the ATI AH national certification preparation product suite Certification preparation and other educational resources are offered in partnership with ATI Allied Health. The purchase of ATI Allied Health certification exam preparation materials or other educational products is not required to sit for any certification exams offered by NHA. Copyright ©2014 Assessment Technologies Institute, L.L.C.  All rights reserved

17 REVIEW NHA’s Certification Exam Blueprints
…may be accessed online and can be referenced for curriculum alignment! The Certification Blueprints should be referenced to ensure your course effectively prepares students for national certification

18 CONDUCT a Gap Analysis for Program Alignment
Review your course/program curriculum + NHA exam blueprint. Seek to – Ensure all exam competencies are covered within program. Identify any gaps in the current curriculum and adjust curriculum, as needed. Review and incorporate NHA certification preparation resources (i.e. study guide and practice assessments) as supplementary preparatory tools for student success – as you deem necessary. Certification preparation resources are not a replacement for a comprehensive curriculum with more robust learning resources. For example, many medical assisting type programs have been successful using Kinn’s Medical Assisting textbook.

19 Certification Resources
ESTABLISH Best Practice Certification Preparation Practices Certification Resources Interactive and engaging web-based learning tools, including customized focused remediation!

20 PASS! Students will achieve a nationally recognized credential.
Results: Students will receive their results immediately when the certification exam is taken onsite and online. School can manage student results online through our certification portal (i.e. an online candidate management and reporting tool). Converting a Provisional Certification to Standard (i.e. “full”): A provisional certification expires 12 months after the exam date. It cannot be renewed or reinstated; rather, it must be converted to a traditional certification. Students or school should supply NHA with proof of graduation for their respective students. NHA will issue a standard certification. Certifications are verifiable online, cost-free at Industry Awareness: NHA certification exams are nationally recognized by healthcare employers. NHA has a dedicated Industry Awareness team who educates employers on the value of NHA certifications! The provisional certification expires 12 months after the examination date. The provisional certification cannot be renewed or reinstated. It must be converted to a full certification by meeting all certification eligibility requirements. • When applying for full certification, candidates are required to provide proof of graduation (high school diploma or GED). The candidate’s graduation date is the date officially recognized by the educational institution and displayed on an official transcript, diploma or GED certification and must be a date that precedes the expiration date shown on the NHA Provision Certification. In addition they must be able to provide written proof of training or work experience upon request. 7 • Once the provisional certification is converted to a full certification, the expiration date will follow the initial testing date and all requirements for continuing competency to renew the certification will be required.

21 Broward County Schools (FL) ATI Allied Health Cert Prep Usage
When we compare students at the same school who followed best practices to those who didn’t, we see a meaningful difference in pass rates. This concept applies across districts and states, allowing us to make assumptions about pass rates based on practice test scores. Data pulled for schools who had 5 or more “best practice” students Benefits of following best practices include 1. Identifying areas of academic strength and weakness among your class – allowing you to make curriculum adjustments 2. Increased probability of students passing the exam on their first attempt 3. Curriculum integration ensures students are preparing for the exam throughout the course, not just right before 4. Last attempt at the practice test immediately before the certification exam increases retention and improves likelihood of passing Certification preparation and other educational resources are offered in partnership with ATI Allied Health. The purchase of ATI Allied Health certification exam preparation materials or other educational products is not required to sit for any certification exams offered by NHA. Copyright ©2014 Assessment Technologies Institute, L.L.C.  All rights reserved

22 Your Investment in National Certification and preparation
Clinical Certifications Credential Earned Exam Fee Number of questions Time Allowed Passing Score (% or scaled) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant CCMA $149 160 2:40 390/500 Certified EKG Technician CET $105 110 1:50 Certified Patient Care Technician CPCT Certified Pharmacy Technician* CPhT 120 2:10 Certified Phlebotomy Technician CPT Administrative Certifications Certified Billing & Coding Specialist CBCS 100 1:45 72% Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist CEHRS Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA * The pharmacy technician exam is administered at third party testing centers Study guide - $40 Practice Assessment - $25 *Preparation package includes both study guide and practice assessment and is offered at a 14% discount

23 Next Steps for Successful Implementation
Step 1: Identify which NHA certifications align with your health sciencce pathway program(s). Step 2: Complete a site application to become an approved testing site. Step 3: Submit exam dates + complete proctor training tutorial. Step 4: Implement “best practice” certification preparation resources usage for testing success!

24 Learning Outcomes NHA is the nation’s leading provider of allied health certifications. The certifications provided by NHA provide credentials in 8 high-growth healthcare industries. Aligning your current curriculum to the certification blueprints is the first step to ensuring your students success. Utilizing the ATI Allied Health online resources to supplement your curriculum will prepare your students for the certification exam. Refer to the best practices outlined in this presentation (and in supplemental document) to improve success rate. Complete a site application to become a testing site and begin your partnership with NHA!

25 Thank you for your time, Please contact us to get started today!
Lyndsey McDonald| Director, School Partnerships (978) Lance Muller| Senior Solutions Specialist (913)

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