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Who Wants to Develop for the WCMS? Kevin Paxman Drupal Developer, IST.

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1 Who Wants to Develop for the WCMS? Kevin Paxman Drupal Developer, IST

2 IST’s WCMS Developer Team 5 full-time developers (one on parental leave, one newbie) 1 accessibility expert (who does some development) 1 manager (who occasionally has time to do minor development) #watitis2013

3 Features and Functionality Wishlist (Partial) Integrated accessibility checker Cross site content sharing Site-specific search Publications capability (online newsletters, magazines etc..) Events calendar Theme redesign with responsive layout Pages and/or sections that require authentication to access Scheduled content posting/removal Site-wide search and replace File deletion Video banners Pages and/or sections that require authentication to edit Social media sharing Event registration Upgrade campus map to non-flash version (non-Drupal) Create Person content type & clean up Contact and Person Profile content Multiple day events with multiple dates and times Site manager-controlled features Automated redirect cleanup (automatically point links of 301 redirected pages to new content location) Files that require authentication to download/view Improve create/manage content page usability New content type for meetings (capture agendas and minutes) Organizational charts Question and answers (social voting) Slideshows/banners on other pages and/or regions Submit tickets to RT via dashboard Email reminders for reports Ecommerce support Syncing with Google Calendar Multiple image uploading Non-WATIAM Drupal accounts (commenting, webforms, etc.) Interactive maps (e.g “info for specific regions”) Gotham-based call-to-action creator Wide everywhere Multiple blogs on a single site Additional metadata for search Captioned (non-full-width) images Custom blog URLs Existing site functionality (pointing back to old site from WCMS) Locally hosted videos (use case: copyright doesn’t allow YouTube) Tabbed content areas Arbitrary Google maps File renaming (both at upload and at arbitrary times) Blog comments for WatIAm users Dynamically generated custom listing pages Random content areas (e.g. show a random tip) Sites for faculty/researchers “Lightboxes” for images Rollover images Vimeo support Proper multilingual support Decimal ordered lists (e.g. 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2) Unlisted events (only accessible if you know the link) (“unlisted everything”?) Additional unordered list bullet styles (e.g. checkmarks) CKEditor source view syntax highlighting Equation (LaTeX) editing Countdown clock Webcam feed support Improve look and feel of Varnish error page that appears when sites are offline 'Facts and figures' style/content type for sidebar content WYSIWYG interface for definition lists Podcast embedding/audio player outside of blog posts Twitter card support (meta tags – see Weather widget Ability to create stylized Call To Action buttons in a site Facebook Open Graph tags support (meta tags – see s/opengraph/) Update to Open Atrium 2.0 Content type and functionality for job postings and volunteer opportunities Estimated reading time (for content authors) Windows 8 “start screen tile” ( #watitis2013

4 Factors Influencing Development Voting on priorities Approval from web steering Practicality of request Breadth of request Urgency of request Development capacity #watitis2013

5 Why Help? Your request was marked “low priority” What you want to do requires your unique expertise You’d like to hurry something along You want to show us an alternative You are awesome #watitis2013

6 Drupal is Easy! 1.Learn Drupal. 2.Do stuff in Drupal. #watitis2013 The Drupal Learning Curve

7 Learning Drupal Drupalize.Me WCMS book library Waterloo Region Drupal User’s Group Developer meetups DrupalCamps/DrupalCons #watitis2013

8 No coding? No problem! (Maybe) Many things can be accomplished completely in the GUI Some tweaks and custom functionality do require knowledge of PHP and/or JavaScript/jQuery Theming requires knowledge of HTML and CSS, and possibly PHP You can also help just by testing! #watitis2013

9 Getting Involved is Easy! 1.Ask to get involved. 2.We set you up. #watitis2013

10 Getting Involved Email explaining what you’d like to We’ll set you up with a site on our development server with full access You can also develop on your own machine and/or server #watitis2013

11 Best Practices Follow the Drupal coding standards ( and CSS formatting guidelines ( Follow Waterloo brand guidelines and Waterloo writing style guide ( public-affairs/resources) public-affairs/resources #watitis2013

12 More Best Practices Don’t hack core Don’t introduce competing modules Discuss new contrib modules with WCMS developers Do things in ways similar to other things Don’t change the way stock things work Don’t create custom things that are “basically” stock things #watitis2013

13 Still More Best Practices Don’t install modules from the GUI Run coder module Design for accessibility Make sure things work without JavaScript Headers should use “Sentence case” not “Title Case” Follow our module naming convention #watitis2013

14 Even More Best Practices #watitis2013 Consider reusability/scope of your work Use version control Back up regularly Ask for help Eat your vegetables

15 Limitations Not simple to add new roles Look and feel changes need approval You do not have admin access to your live site or access to its file system Your work must be approved by a WCMS developer before going live You are responsible for maintaining your work, and handling change requests #watitis2013

16 We Want You! #watitis2013

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