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Language Arts & Social Studies Mrs. Poort & Ms. Ioannides

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1 Language Arts & Social Studies Mrs. Poort & Ms. Ioannides
Welcome to room 127! Language Arts & Social Studies Mrs. Poort & Ms. Ioannides I’ll introduce myself I’ll tell you about what we do in here I’ll tell you how I assess progress I’ll tell you about my goals for the class You’ll write your goals/a note to your student

2 Please keep in touch! Mrs. Joia Poort 206.252.5010
(preferred method) Best time to reach me-after 2:20pm Expect a reply within 24 business hours If you’d like to meet in person, please make an appointment.

3 Guest Speaker? If you have any special skills, interests, or abilities you’d like to share with the class, please drop me an or write down your name, contact info and “skill” on a sticky note!

4 Eckstein Annual Campaign
Class library Stools Sticky charts Sticky notes Pens, markers Text Books Reading Books Every year the Humanities department submits a request for funds from the Eckstein Annual Campaign. The classroom libraries are funded in part by EAC. The campaign has just begun – please consider supporting this event. It is the major fund raising event at Eckstein. The other funding for classroom libraries comes directly from teacher’s pockets. Please consider donating any books that you have that are appropriate for middle school readers.

5 About Mrs. Poort 8th grade LA/SS teacher (French) 16th year teaching
WEB teacher leader Masters Degree in Teaching B.A. University of Washington-GO HUSKIES! Quarter abroad at the Universite de Poitiers in Poitiers, France Interests: Travel, sewing, dance Favorite job? Mom to 2 girls!

6 Anna Ioannides Have one son, Aleco who is a
senior at the University of Oregon Have a dog named Lilo I love to exercise, kayak, watch soccer, and read This is my 27th! year of teaching BA from the UW in Bilingual Education and Spanish Literature. Masters work in ESL and Mathematics Firmly believe in the power of education and the duty we have to try to understand and respect others

7 My vision and teaching philosophy
I envision my classroom as being a safe, enjoyable environment for students to enrich their views on the world, USA, writing, reading, Washington state, and each other. My goal is for all of my students to succeed (personally, academically, etc). To make the class FUN as well as informative. To daily push students to achieve their personal best. To make learning fun! To set high, but attainable standards in all areas of learning.

8 Why do we have High Standards ?
16 years of teaching students who were able to work at this level. Preparation for High School (no late work). Colleges are getting more challenging to get in to. The global market is more and more competitive. Literacy is paramount to success in high school, college, and the global job market. The pressure to perform on standardized tests is high. Scrutiny on American education (and SSD). These are the reasons why I hold kids accountable to high standards. I want them to succeed and it’s my job to give them the tools and opportunities to learn these skills.

9 Class Information Website: Instructions and tour
I do not use Fusion

10 Grades Grades in this class are based on Standards:
Grade is based on if a student is exceeding, meeting, approaching, or below a standard. (A, B, C, D respectfully). A student should only have an “E” if they are not doing their work. 0% Effort (mainly On-Time Grades-OTG, homework, group work, etc however these behaviors directly relate to academic grades) 0% Citizenship (self-graded weekly-behavior, being prepared, etc) Grades of missing “mi” or incomplete “inc” Count as a 0. Students need to turn it in or revise for a higher grade within 1 week. Grades are now posted at least every 2 weeks. You can check your progress as frequently as you’d like. Please ask your child questions about a grade before contacting me. All assignments have a rubric and they should be able to tell you why points were lost.

11 The 5 P’s Live by the “5 P’s” Prompt-be on time
Prepared-be ready with all supplies (including homework and a reading book) Polite-be kind to yourself and others Proud-do your best work Participate-be an active part of the class (but, don’t blurt!)

12 Language Arts Curriculum
Ongoing throughout school year: Focused informational text reading instruction Novel and Literary studies To Kill a Mockingbird Various short stories, essays, plays Outside Reading Program-IRP due monthly Literary Analysis Argument essay Research paper Detective Story-creative writing Practice in listening and speaking Group Skills

13 Independent Reading Program
Students are expected to have a book to read at all times. They are expected to read 500 pages per month. Book talks happen with an adult. Worksheets and are on my website.

14 Outside Reading Math A “just right book” should be read at a rate of 1 page per minute. 30 minutes of reading=30 pages read. It would take ~9 days to read 250 pages at that rate. It would take 18 days to read 500 pages (that leaves 12 days of “not” reading to work on book talks).

15 Social Studies Curriculum U.S. History
1st Quarter Columbus Revolution & Constitution US Geography 2nd Quarter The “Indian Problem” Manifest Destiny 3rd Quarter Civil War Reconstruction Immigration CBA-People on the Move 4th Quarter Industrialization Liberty & Justice for All Research Presentations

16 Homework Effort grades are mainly determined by work being turned in on-time (OTG) and complete. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for and get all make-up work. Website, Student File. Late turn-in box up front Re-take policy requires students to show that they did something to learn the material. (Note from home or attend a tutoring session here).

17 How much homework? 30 minutes of reading.
Occasional additional work on typing or writing a paper, editing, a worksheet, make-up work, etc. Daily maximum should be an hour for a normal day (this is for 2 classes).

18 How you can help Edit your child’s work (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, neatness and presentation) Read their writing aloud to them. Google Translate! Reminders to put homework in backpack at night Create a place to do work daily. HIGH expectations! Know the absence policy!

19 Now that I’ve told you my goals:
Take a moment to write a note to your child. Think about your goals for your child in this class. Next, think about how you can help them attain my goals in this class. Write your goals down and how you plan on helping them actualizing their goals. Or, just write them a note! Put in their “return-to-work” file on the table, stick to their name on the sticky chart, or put in the box up front. THANK YOU for coming and supporting your child!

20 Homeroom/Advisory Most often Homeroom is a Study hall.
30 minutes of silent reading time 15 minutes of homework time Time available to check-in with teachers, get make-up work from absences, make-up or complete tests Tuesday and Thursday mid-day

21 Homeroom/Advisory Sometimes Homeroom serves as an Advisory.
Discuss issues and resolve problems related to school Set goals and monitor progress Prepare for high school and beyond Prepare for Student-led Parent Conferences

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