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Agenda: 6:30 Sandwiches and Beverages 6:45 Presentations.

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1 Agenda: 6:30 Sandwiches and Beverages 6:45 Presentations

2  Welcome  Personnel  Faculty Research Interests  Program Information  Graduate Student Contract  Planning Your Study  Project/Thesis

3  Welcome aboard!  Currently: 72 active graduate students  Winter, Spring 2013: 6 new students  Fall 2013: 20 new students  Our website:

4  Chair: Dr. Robert Kerbs  Graduate coordinator: Dr. Daisy Tang  Staff: Undergraduate advisor: Brian Pangan Administrative support coordinator: Annie Montes IT consultant: Nam Kim

5  rests.shtml rests.shtml

6  Total units: 45 units  Required courses: 14 units 525, 530, 580, 664  Required project/thesis Project: 691 (1 unit) + 695 (2 units) Thesis: 691 (3 units) + 696 (4 units)  Elective courses Project: 28 units Thesis: 24 units

7  Each student has two advisors: General advisor: Dr. Tang Research advisor, with whom you will complete your project or thesis

8  Your study plan “contract”  Clarify what is needed to achieve your degrees  Graduate coordinator will work with you to complete the contract  Changes are submitted through petition  You can download a copy here:

9  A graduate contract must be prepared and submitted for approval to the Graduate Studies Office no later than the end of the second quarter of attendance, or prior to the completion of 13 units  Planned course offerings

10  Conditional admission requires the completion of a list of foundation courses  Listed explicitly on your admission letter  Discuss with Dr. Tang for any concern For example, you have taken the course elsewhere. You need to bring your transcript and course syllabus to waive the course.

11  They should be taken as soon as possible by the deadline specified in the letter  Dangling courses: May not enroll in some other courses Delay your graduation  Upon completion, file a petition to change status to unconditional

12  What courses to take first? Prerequisite courses listed on your admission letter Core courses Elective courses  Take most of the courses in the first two years  Focus more on thesis or project in the second and third years  Do not over commit

13  Unable to register through BroncoDirect? Requires permission number or have various holds  Contact Dr. Tang with your: Full name Bronco ID Courses you’d like to take

14  GWT Eligible to take it upon entrance Required to take it by the quarter following the completion of 8 units  Continuous enrollment Cannot be absent for more than two quarters (including summer quarter) Solution: file leave of absence petition in advance  Undergraduate courses as graduate electives

15  Minimum GPA (>3.0 avg)  Repetition of courses  Disqualification/Reinstatement  Advancement to candidacy  Grad check Check if you fulfill everything listed on degree contract Degree Progress Report  Graduation Must file an application for graduation Must be enrolled during the quarter in which you graduate  Please read our “Graduate Student Handbook” for more details

16  You must be in unconditional status  Talk to at least 3 professors before you decide whom you’d work with  Afterwards, you should register for CS 691 and work with your research advisor to develop a project/thesis proposal  Your advisor must submit a request to open a 691 section

17  You must have a final letter grade (not SP nor RP) in 1 unit of CS 691  Your advisor must submit a request to open a 695 section

18  You must have a final letter grade (not SP nor RP) in 3 units of CS 691  Your advisor must submit a request to open a 696 section


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