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Creating a Practical and Consumable SharePoint Governance Plan SPTechCon Boston August 12, 2013 Sue 1.

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1 Creating a Practical and Consumable SharePoint Governance Plan SPTechCon Boston August 12, 2013 Sue Hanley @susanhanley 1

2 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Agenda  Understanding what we really mean by governance—and why there are so many definitions  Asking the right questions  Making the answers consumable  Sharing experiences! 2

3 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC A winning formula = + + 3

4 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Why do we care? 4

5 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC It really should be pretty simple … and directly tied to business goals Current State Desired Future State 5

6 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Understand what your end state goal really is! 6

7 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Determine the path to get there 7

8 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Governance in Three Words 8 No Sharp Edges

9 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC But, don’t do it unless you can 9 Commit

10 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC 1. Align with business goals – what are we trying to accomplish? 10 Because that will drive how strict you need to enforce your rules

11 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC 2. Align with existing policies – especially information assurance and records management 11 Because you shouldn’t have to invent everything new and you may need to “design it in”

12 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC 3. Understand existing teams and roles – what is already in place? 12 Because people already have jobs and you may need to define new roles or relationships

13 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC 4. Engage with HR - early 13 Because if job descriptions need to be changed, you’d better have some support

14 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Put together the right team – small, inclusive, empowered 14

15 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Have the right conversations 15

16 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Answer the key questions 16  Vision and Overview  Enterprise Decisions  Compliance  Training  Access  Provisioning  Branding and Functionality  Information Architecture  Content Life-cycle Management  Personal Sites/Social Features  Roles and Responsibilities  Site Specific Decisions  Operational Decisions

17 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC My lessons learned about the “governance conversations” 17 No more than 2-3 hours per conversation Not all in the same week, please Distribute the questions in advance

18 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Make sure you know what your outcomes are Your vision and goals drive your governance plan 18

19 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Policies  Compliance-focused  Few  Enforceable 19  Rooted in business value  Relevant to each user  Sensible Policies and Guidelines

20 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Examples of Social Media Governance Policies 20

21 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC It takes a village 21

22 SharePoint Steering Committee Training and Communications SharePoint Executive Sponsor SharePoint IT Owner SharePoint Infrastructure Support Team SharePoint Administrator Help Desk SharePoint Architect Application Development Team Intranet Information Architect Intranet Business Owner Intranet Steering Committee Intranet IT Owner Intranet Page Owners Intranet Content Authors Intranet Visitors 22 Enterprise Roles Power Users Coaches The Owner is accountable, but we’re all responsible!

23 23 Site Sponsor Business Owner Solution Analyst Content Authors Site Manager/ Contact (s) Site Visitors Site Roles

24 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Making it consumable 24 How will you tell the story? How will you provide guidance and direction?

25 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Typical Governance Plan 25

26 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Our goal: Consumable 26 … and just in time

27 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Principles  Consumable chunks – no big documents or long pages  “Quick Guides”  Integrate with training  Interconnected  JUST IN TIME! 27

28 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC The ribbon is great, but you can also add CEWPs to surface “in place” 28 Link to governance about documents from doc libs

29 29 Just-in-time governance – the wiki

30 30 Small chunks of content CQWP to easily surface related content

31 31 Role-Based Roadmap (work in progress)

32 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Socialize, Promote, Verify 32 Socialize Find Champions Be responsive to feedback Trust, but verify Communicate persistently

33 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC … and incorporate into training 33

34 34 Training “Governance” ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC

35 My Lessons Learned  It’s really about both assurance and guidance – and it takes COMMITMENT – plan, plan, plan  No one cares about governance – until you make it all about them!  Less is more – avoid unnecessary bureaucracy – and long documents  Small chunks of consumable content – just in time!  Build best practices into your site templates and automate everything you can  A governance plan doesn’t replace training  … and training should include governance 35

36 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Your lesson learned 36 Governance =

37 37 Independent consultant specializing in Governance User Adoption Metrics Information Architecture Knowledge Management Portals, Intranets, Collaboration Solutions Led national Portals, Management Collaboration, and Content practice for Dell Director of Knowledge Management at American Management Systems susanhanley

38 ©2013 SUSAN HANLEY LLC Questions? 38

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