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Today’s Topic… Personal Development: The Passionate Pursuit of YOU !

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4 Today’s Topic… Personal Development: The Passionate Pursuit of YOU !


6 Personal Development…

7 What is it? Who does it? And, why bother?

8 Simply put – personal development is all about making you a better you!

9 It can include… Getting FitLearning a New Hobby… …or any number of activities!

10 And the best part about it is…

11 There’s no rhyme, reason, or set method to follow in order to create your very own personal development plan! Because it’s PERSONAL development, there’s no right or wrong way to go about doing it.

12 Don’t know where to begin? A good starting point always involves…

13 1. Examining Yourself:

14 Begin by looking at yourself and asking… What am I good at? What am I not so good at? Are there things about me that I would like to change? Are there things that I would like to stop or start doing?

15 Once you have identified the first area of personal development you’d like to tackle…

16 2. Establish A Goal

17 Create a detailed description of what your desired outcome will look like.

18 For example… If your goal is to lose weight, identify… the total amount of weight you’d like to lose your target date for losing the weight the weight loss methods you’ll employ and the weekly targets you’ll shoot for to accomplish your overall goal.

19 Next… 3. Envision your outcome!

20 On a daily basis, close your eyes, picture yourself achieving your goal, and imagine how it will feel once it’s been accomplished.

21 This visualizing technique is a form of subconscious programming that will help you overcome obstacles and move you toward success.

22 4. Don’t Procrastinate… Engage Now!

23 Generally speaking, the longer we wait to do a thing, the less likely we are to actually take action. Avoid this habit by starting today. Don’t procrastinate!

24 As time passes, things tend to lose importance in our minds. If it's important, do it now. While the first step is always the most difficult, every step afterwards becomes progressively easier.

25 5. Embrace the Change You Want

26 Challenging yourself: Push yourself beyond what you perceive to be your current limitations. Concentrating on the details: Take large tasks and break them down into small, manageable steps. Conquering yourself: As the saying goes, whether you think you can, or you can't - you're right! Believe you can achieve and you will! Embracing change is accomplished by…

27 6. Endure

28 Remember, change takes time! Don’t become discouraged and begin to doubt that you will ever accomplish your goal. The only true obstacles we have in life are self-imposed.

29 Keep in mind that personal development is a lifelong journey that never truly ends. It is a commitment to yourself to constantly strive to grow, develop and improve!

30 And since there is no end to this fantastic voyage… You may as well enjoy the ride!

31 OLPD Owlets… Promoting Excellence Through Learning… The Rice Way!

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