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Australian Indian Aboriginal VietnameseChinese Italian “Melting Pot” “Australia is a melting pot” “America is a melting pot”

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2 Australian Indian Aboriginal VietnameseChinese Italian “Melting Pot” “Australia is a melting pot” “America is a melting pot”

3 English Idioms and Expressions

4 What is an idiom? - An expression that does not have literal meaning - When certain words are put together, they have a different meaning compared to when the words are separated - An idiom does not have to follow grammatical rules

5 “It’s raining cats and dogs” It is raining heavily

6 What are some idioms that you know?


8 Arm and a leg A.To be expensive B.Hurt your arm and leg C.To be cheap D.Pay the regular price

9 “Costs an arm and a leg” Something is expensive “I wanted to buy that coat but it costs an arm and a leg”

10 Deep Pockets A.Very Poor B.Hole in your pockets C.Very Rich D.Many pockets

11 “Deep Pockets” Rich “I need deep pockets to buy that house” “That man has deep pockets, he’d make the perfect husband”

12 Swimming In Money A.Like to go swimming B.Swimming is expensive C.Swimming is cheap D.Very Rich

13 “Swimming in money” Rich “That man is very successful, he must be swimming in money” “I’d have to be swimming in money to afford that new car”

14 Break Even A.To hurt a man named Even B.Make no money and lose no money C.To break your even bone D.Make a profit

15 “breaking even” “If we sell one more drink we’ll break even” “We’ll be breaking even with $500 more!” [money gained] [money lost]

16 Bring Home The Bacon A.Bring a pig home B.Bring home a piggy bank to store money C.Earn money D.Sell bacon to make money

17 “Bring home the bacon” Earn Money “This new job lets me bring home the bacon” “Will that new shop down the street be able to bring home the bacon?

18 Burn a hole in your pocket A.Your money is on fire B.You have no more money C.Spending money too fast D.You have so much money you can burn it

19 “burn a hole in your pocket” Spending money too fast “I just got paid today and my money is burning a hole in my pocket” “Lets go out and have fun! I have money that is burning a hole in my pocket” “If you keep spending your money like that, it’s going to burn holes in your pocket”

20 On the house A.Free B.Expensive C.Cheap D.Your money is on top of your house

21 “on the house” “It’s OK guys, dinner is on the house!” “These drinks are on the house”

22 Worth your salt A.Getting paid in salt B.Selling salt C.Worth what you are paid D.Very rich

23 “Worth your salt” “that new guy we hired is sure worth his salt” “my doctor is worth is salt” Worth what you are paid – Respect – Getting good value in a person

24 Make a killing A.So much money you can kill someone B.Make a lot of money C.Make a little bit of money D.Kill money

25 “Make a killing” “I made a killing playing the stock market!” “I made a killing at the casino last night” Make a lot of money

26 Money doesn’t grow on trees A.There is no money growing on trees B.You can plant and grow money C.Money isn’t easy to come by D.Money is easy to make

27 “money doesn’t grow on trees” “Turn off the lights! Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Money is not easy to come by / earn

28 Animal Idioms

29 Ant’s in your pants A.Your legs are itchy B.You have ants biting you C.You can’t stop moving D.You are

30 “Ants in your pants” “I’ve got ants in my pants!” “Michael had ants in his pants before the big competition” Someone who can not stop moving

31 Cat’s got your tongue? A.Someone who doesn’t speak often B.Someone who can’t talk back to you C.To talk very often D.To argue very well

32 “cat’s got your tongue” “I’ve got ants in my pants!” “Michael had ants in his pants before the big competition” Someone who does not talk often When someone cannot talk back to you

33 Stubborn as a mule A.To eat very fast, like a mule B.To run as fast as a mule C.Someone who follows orders easily D.Someone who is very stubborn

34 “as stubborn as a mule” “My son never listens. He’s as stubborn as a mule” Someone who is very stubborn (does not listen, does not follow orders, unreasonable)

35 Kill two birds with one stone A.To hunt and kill birds very well B.Complete two tasks at once C.Someone who has good aim D.To fly as fast as a bird

36 “two birds with one stone” “If I go shopping now, I can also go to the bank! Two birds with one stone” Complete two tasks at the same time

37 Chicken out A.To be brave B.To be scared C.To eat a lot of chickens D.Hate eating meat

38 “Chicken Out” “I was going to swim with the sharks but I chickened out” “You’re such a chicken!” “Chicken!” To be scared Scared easily

39 His bark is worse than his bite A.All talk no action B.Someone who yells very loud C.Someone who likes to bite people D.All action no talk

40 “bark is worse than the bite” “That man’s bark is worse than his bite” Someone who can talks more than acts All talk and no action

41 Hold your horses A.Go horse riding B.Run as fast as a horse C.As strong as a horse D.Stop what you are doing

42 “hold your horses” “Hold your horses or you’re going to crash!” Let’s go!” “Hold your horses!” Stop what you are doing Slow down

43 Common Slang Terms

44 “Mad!” “Mad! I get paid today!” “I just bought tickets to the Jay Chou concert” “That’s Mad!” “I have 3 days off work tomorrow! Sweet!” Something that is good Something that is awesome Something that is cool “Sick!” “sweet!”

45 “you’re so hot” “That girl is so hot!” “Jay Chou is so hot!” Someone who is good looking Handsome Beautiful

46 “You SUCK!” “I ate all your food” “You suck!” “I can’t go with you to the movies today” “Aw You suck!” You are bad, you are terrible Usually said as a joke

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