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1. 2 4,085 Idaho public school students achieved PSAT scores that indicated they had at least a 60 percent chance of scoring 3+ on at least one AP Exam.

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2 2 4,085 Idaho public school students achieved PSAT scores that indicated they had at least a 60 percent chance of scoring 3+ on at least one AP Exam. However only 40% of these students took at least one AP Exam that matched their abilities. 1,654 students with AP Potential participated in at least one matched AP exam. 2,431 students with AP Potential did not participate in at least one matched AP exam. Idaho Graduates in the class of 2014

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4 4 PSAT Results: AP Potential

5 5 AP Potential ™ A free, Web-based tool, AP Potential:  Maximizes the value of PSAT/NMSQT ® results  Is based on a research sample of more than 1.8M students  Systematically identifies students capable of succeeding in rigorous AP ® courses

6 6 AP Potential ™ Benefits Easy-to-use  Lets educators select AP ® course and criteria  Generates rosters of students likely to score a 3 or higher on a given AP Exam  Available for 23 AP Courses

7 7 AP Potential ™ Benefits Increases access to AP ®  Helps ensure that no student with the chance to succeed in AP is overlooked  Enhances a school’s existing process for identifying students for AP courses  Helps educators decide which AP courses to offer

8 Signing in to AP Potential:

9 Enter access code here

10 AP Potential Expectancy Tables Expectancy Tables See the scores that correlate to probabilities of success in AP Biology. E.g. students who score 114 in Critical Reading and Math have 60% chance or greater of earning 3 or better in AP Biology.

11 Step 1 of 4 Select the PSAT/NMSQT administration year for which you’d like to generate a roster. AP Potential Select PSAT/NMSQT Administration Year

12 There’s an optional shortcut You can “fill seats in your existing AP classes” by clicking the green button on the left. OR... You can “identify new AP courses” by clicking the green button on the right.

13 Step 2 of 4 If you chose to generate your roster manually, you’ll continue onto Step 2: Select the AP courses you’d like to identify students for. AP Potential Select Subjects

14 Step 3 of 4 Choose a grade level and define your pool. AP Potential Select Pool

15 AP Potential Student Roster Step 4 of 4 Read the instructions for using the roster and see your list of students at the bottom of the screen.

16 AP Potential Subject Detail & Student Detail Additional details available A roster of students in a specific subject A list of courses for individual students

17 AP Potential Tips Export data into an Excel spreadsheet to make it easy to read and use. Create letters to parents. AP Potential provides sample letters in English and Spanish. TIP AP Potential Tips

18 18 PSAT Results: AP Potential For Students

19 19 PSAT/NMSQT ® : Score Report Plus  Scores and percentiles  Information about performance on every test question  Information about academic skills  Student access code for My College QuickStart ™  Self-reported college major  AP Potential information

20 20  AP feedback was added to My College QuickStart™ in 2012  Feedback is based on PSAT/NMSQT section scores  Level of potential for each subject can be viewed in My College QuickStart PSAT/NMSQT: AP Potential for Students

21 21 PSAT/NMSQT: AP Potential for Students

22 22 PSAT/NMSQT: AP Potential for Students The shading of the steps icons illustrates level of potential Choosing a major puts a checkmark in the Matches Major column next to appropriate courses This column tells a student if this course is likely offered at their school Look for courses where they have “potential”, it matches their major, and it’s offered at their school

23 23 Student Website AP ® Student Home Page Explore AP AP Courses Taking the Exam AP Scores Credit & Placement

24 24 Join the AP ® Coordinator Community Get ideas or quick answers from other AP Coordinators Find collaborators Share concerns and suggestions

25 25 Support for Your Teachers: AP teacher community Key improvement: discussion board reply by Continue discussion threads through personal without the need to log in to the community Online communities supporting all AP subjects, AP Coordinators, Equity and Access, and Professional Development Consultants Over 85,000 members Over 2,600 member-shared resources across 30 communities

26 26 The website Advances in AP provides detailed information and resources for all courses currently undergoing revisions, including: Curriculum Frameworks Course and Exam Descriptions Key Changes PDFs FAQs Course Planning and Pacing Guides AP Course Audit Information Professional Development Offerings Support for Your Teachers: Advances in AP

27 27 Support for You: Resources on ShareAP AP Professional Toolkit Includes resources for professionals to support their outreach efforts: Brochures for parents and students PowerPoint presentations for parents and students Tips on creating successful AP informational events Posters All resources are available on the “ShareAP” website

28 28 A limited “at-a-glance search” is available for students on the AP website – but this does not take the place of college websites! Step 2 Guide Students to AP ® Credit Policy Information

29 29 Policies range widely so remind your students to read the fine print and call the higher education institution if they have questions. Step 3 Advise Students to Carefully Review all AP ® Policies Some schools: give credit only for certain AP Exams accept scores of 3 for all AP Exams accept only scores of 4 or 5 offer different amounts of credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5 do not accept AP for courses in the major accept AP, but only up to a maximum # of credits accept AP but only if the student registers for a more advanced course in the same subject area

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