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ECON 102 Tutorial: Week 1 Ayesha Ali office hours: 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM tuesdays.

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1 ECON 102 Tutorial: Week 1 Ayesha Ali office hours: 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM tuesdays LUMS C85

2 Outline Expectations (10 min) Introductions & Selecting a Class Rep (15 min) In-Class Discussion (25 min)

3 Introduction Sheet Please write down the following on a sheet of paper and hand it in before the end of class today: 1)Your Name 2)Email Address that you regularly check 3)Math Background (i.e. Calculus, Algebra, etc.) 4)Economics Background 5)Major/Degree 6)Why are you taking ECON 102? 7)What is something you’d like to learn in ECON 102?

4 Expectations Attend Lectures. Download/Print your Coursepaper (it is on Moodle.) Read Relevant Chapters in the Textbook. Principles of Economics by Mcdowell, Thom, Pastine, Bernanke, & FrankPrinciples of Economics Prepare and write up answers to the weekly worksheets before tutorial.

5 Expectations Tutorial Attendance – Attendance is marked at each tutorial – If you are ill and cannot attend, you can log in to Moodle and fill out the reason for your absence. – If you can’t attend one tutorial, but want to attend later in the week, email Sarah Ross to ask if you can attend another session. She will give you a list of tutorials that are not full.Sarah Ross Tutorial Participation – Be prepared for to participate in tutorials. This could be discussions, answering questions, and working through problems on the board.

6 Introductions/Student Rep Student Introductions Student Representative: – Each Tutorial Group is required by the ECON Department to have a Student Representative. – The Student Rep will pick up on problems or discussion points from others in their tutorial group and will meet with the Part 1 Director once each term to discuss these points. The Part 1 Director will present this to the Econ Dept. Staff.

7 What is the definition of economics?

8 Economics is the study of how choices are made under conditions of scarcity.

9 Is scarcity less important today than it was in 1950?

10 What is an example of an economic model?

11 Next Week Attend your lectures and read the book. Get the tutorial worksheet from Moodle and work through it. Also, work through David Peel’s maths questions – these can be found at the end of his lecture materials if they are not already included in the worksheet. Working in groups or pairs is fine – but make sure that you understand what is going on. Bring your completed work or any questions that you have to next week’s tutorial. Be ready to participate in the tutorial!

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