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旅遊英文 簡伊佐老師編講.

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1 旅遊英文 簡伊佐老師編講

2 目的與動機motivation [open to a new world] -----b. 調和身心
[keep both the body and heart in harmony ]

3 2. 上課內容 4. 行 traffic; transportation 1. 食food; restaurant
2. 衣 clothing 3. 住 accommodation 4. 行 traffic; transportation

4 3. 實地演練Practical practice (group activities):
1. vocabulary 2. sentence pattern 3. dialogue/conversation

5 Greeting and self-Introduction 4-1 say hello: a. Good Morning
Good Afternoon Good Evening b. see you later

6 4-2Ten sentences for self Introduction
Formal usage 正式用語 1. Good Morning! I’m John, the new member from Taipei. 2. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Steve, and I am a teacher. 3. Good afternoon. I am Jane, and I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time. 4. Excuse me. May I ask what your name is? I am Amanda. 5. How do you do? I’m Mary , Mary Anderson.

7 1.Hi, guys! I’m Jason. I’ve been here for a few days.
Informal usage非正式用語 1.Hi, guys! I’m Jason. I’ve been here for a few days. 2. Hi! What’s up? I am Michelle. What’s your name? 3. What’s happening, guys? I’m Susan. 4. I’m David. Can I ask what your name is? 5. Hi! I’m Pauline. I am very glad to meet. Sts. Tour leader won’t attend the meeting, thus we must present or announce the notice for group members.

8 用餐英語實用句inquiry Do you feel like getting something to eat? Or Would you like something to eat? 2. I am going to get some dinner; you want to come along? 3. Do you have time for a quick bite?

9 4. If you’re hungry, I know a good all-you-can-eat restaurant (buffet)
Type of restaurant 1.Do you prefer a sit-down or something fast? 2. I’d like to take you to Japanese hot pot. I think you’ll like it. 3. If you’d like Taiwanese food, I know just the place. (

10 4. How does Korean food sound?
Or would you rather have something else? 5. I’m in the mood for Mexican food; that okay with you? preference and taboo 偏好和禁忌 1. Is there anything you’d especially like to try? 2. Would you like to order a complete meal or a la carte(單點菜餚)

11 3. Would you like to try our local specialty?
4. Would you mind having something deep-fried? 5.You eat seafood, don’t you? 6. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Order the food and pay the bill Let me tell you what’s on the menu. What looks good to you? It’ s my treat.( We’ll put it on my card)

12 4. This one is on the company
5. I’ll get this and you can get drinks later.

13 二. Clothing : shopping Linda walks into a department store.
A: May I help you? B: Yes, can you tell me where to find jackets? A: Our women’s clothing department is on the fifth floor. Linda goes to the women’s clothing department.

14 B: Excuse me. I’m looking for a jacket.
C:These jackets came in last week. Would you like to try one on ? B: Sure, but I don’t like that color. Do you have any black ones? C: I’ll check the computer. I am sorry, but we’re sold out. I can order one for you.

15 B: No, I can’t wait that long. A: Well, we have another jacket you might like. B: Ok, May I take a look at it?

16 住: accommodation Hotel English 1.Check in/ out 2.Pay the fee/bill
3.Lobby 4.Counter 5.Pay by card/cash 6.Bar/bartender 7.Twin bed 8.King size/Queen size

17 行 traffic / transportation Bus Car A tourist coach (遊覽車) 4. Tour guide 5. Local guide 6. Tip 7. Motorcycle/ motorbike 8. Traffic lights 9. Turn right/left 10. Go straight forward

18 Conclusion: There are four good elements for travelers: 1. personality 2. enthusiasm 3. clarity 4. sincerity

19 Thank You

20 I  Love  you                      

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