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© Copyright Khronos Group, 2006 - Page 1 PSGL PlayStation Graphics Library Mike Weiblen Sony Computer Entertainment.

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1 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 1 PSGL PlayStation Graphics Library Mike Weiblen Sony Computer Entertainment

2 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 2 What is PSGL? PSGL is the high-level graphics library for PlayStation3 PSGL is OpenGL ES

3 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 3 Why OpenGL ES? Industry standards are GOOD! Excellent specifications Well-defined behavior Industry collaboration Conformance tests for quality Expertise available

4 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 4 What is PSGL? (in detail) OpenGL ES Officially passed ES 1.0 conformance test PLUS programmable shading with Cg PLUS OpenGL ES 1.1 extensions - VBO, FBO, PBO, Cubemap PLUS texture extensions - FP, DXT, 3D, NPO2, Aniso, Depth, Vertex Textures PLUS primitive/rendering extensions - Instancing, Primitive Restart, Queries, Conditional Rendering PLUS synchronization extensions - Fences, Events PLUS SCE performance extensions - TextureReference, AttribSet PLUS more

5 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 5 Why use OpenGL ES 1.0? PS3 is a graphics powerhouse, needs powerful library Embrace an industry standard Needed a “modern” GL with programmable shaders Desktop GL has many legacy APIs, not needed for PS3 OpenGL ES at the time was fixed-functionality only OpenGL ES 2.0 was not ready yet Solution: add programmable pipeline to OpenGL ES 1.0

6 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 6 OpenGL ES 2.0? OpenGL ES 2.0 is excellent stuff! But it came too late in PS3 design cycle SCE continues to contribute to Khronos, ES 2.x and beyond PSGL 2.0 could be OpenGL ES 2.x-conformant - Your feedback welcome

7 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 7 Future Directions “PSGL”, not “PS3GL” - Foundation for the future, beyond PS3 Continue to develop extensions, esp. for performance - Higher-level state management - Leverage multi-core and high-bandwidth interconnects - Help good code run faster - Integration of shader effects ARB in Khronos - The best of Desktop and Embedded!

8 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 8 Thanks! Questions?

9 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 9 We Just Thought You’d Like to Know… Tom Olson, Texas Instruments Inc.

10 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 10 OMAP 2420 Hits the Market At SIGGRAPH 05: - Demonstrated TI OMAP 2420 pre-production silicon - Supports hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES …via Imagination VGP/MBX As of SIGGRAPH 06: Over 10 Million Units Shipped!

11 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 11 Nokia N Series

12 12 © 2006 Nokia SIGGRAPH06 / / PO Evolution of the Computer Mainframe computer Mini computer Personal computer Laptop computer Multimedia Computer

13 13 © 2006 Nokia SIGGRAPH06 / / PO N93: leader in photography and video recording – and 1 st with 3D acceleration See new OpenGL ES 1.1 hardware acceleration, 2.4” display, 320x240 (or 240x320) resolution, colors, TV-Out support See new 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, 3x optical zoom, MPEG-4 VGA video capture at 30 fps

14 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 14 PowerVR MBX OpenGL ES Demonstrations Kristof Beets 3 rd Party Relations Manager - Imagination Technologies

15 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 15 Imagination: World Leader in SoC IP Cores Products - Silicon and software IP for multimedia and communication Customers - Global semiconductor, fast-moving fabless businesses and system companies People - >300 with over 75% highly skilled engineers PowerVR MBX de facto standard for Mobile 3D Graphics - In use by 6 of the top 10 semi-conductor companies - Several products already in the market and many more coming soon…

16 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 16 PowerVR MBX Family OpenGL ES 1.x Compliant OpenVG 1.0 Support Family Members - PowerVR MBX - PowerVR MBX Lite High Quality, High Performance Texture Filtering - Bi-Linear Filtering with MIP-Mapping at Full Speed PowerVR Texture Compression: 2bpp and 4bpp - Allows higher quality, higher resolution textures for same bandwidth and storage cost High Quality, High Performance Anti-Aliasing Internal True Color DOT3 Per-pixel Lighting Optional PowerVR VGP - Dedicated programmable Vertex Processing Unit - Allows high polygon throughput - Advanced features: Skinning, Curved Surfaces, Lighting

17 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 17 Join the “PowerVR Insider” Program PowerVR Technical Support & Co-Marketing Programme - Direct Technical Support through , phone & on-site - Assure Optimal Compatibility - Highest Possible Performance - Leading Image Quality - Extensive Support for Key Partners -Including Middleware Vendors, JAVA VM & JSR Vendors, Benchmarks, Launch Titles - Free SDKs including sample code, documentation and extensive toolset - Joint Marketing Activities - Press Releases, Joint Event Participation, Website presence, etc. PowerVR Insider brings the whole ecosystem around 3D Graphics together - From Software Developers to Mobile Phone OEMs - Provide introductions between PowerVR Insiders - Assure co-operation between PowerVR Insiders To join send to: More details:

18 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 18 Demonstrations Sony Ericsson P990 - OpenGL ES 1.1 through PowerVR MBX Lite - Symbian OS - Native Execution - Available now Dell Axim X50v / X51v - OpenGL ES 1.0 through PowerVR MBX Lite - Direct3D Mobile through PowerVR MBX Lite - Windows Mobile Native Execution - Available now

19 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 19 NVIDIA GoForce 5500

20 NVIDIA CONFIDENTIAL © NVIDIA Corporation 2006 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 20 GoForce 5500 The first GPU to bring the world of digital entertainment to your mobile phone True, fluid digital TV and video High fidelity surround sound Console-class 3D gaming And more….

21 NVIDIA CONFIDENTIAL © NVIDIA Corporation 2006 © Copyright Khronos Group, Page 21 Design Win Momentum World’s most exciting new devices use GoForce ™ Motorola RAZR maxx GoForce 4800 Sony Ericsson W900i GoForce 4800 Motorola SLVR L6i/L7i GoForce 2150/4000 Samsung P910 GoForce 5500 HTC Forseer Modeo DVB-H GoForce 5500 NEW! Samsung i310 GoForce 4800 NEW! Motorola RAZR V3xx GoForce 4800 NEW!

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