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TEACHING ELECTIVE MED 420 A&B Michael Koller, M.D. Patricia McNally, Ed.D.

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1 TEACHING ELECTIVE MED 420 A&B Michael Koller, M.D. Patricia McNally, Ed.D.

2 Maureen Locklund MED 420 course coordinator, SSOM 320

3 Today’s agenda 1.GET YOUR FLU SHOT NOW No ID, No flu shot 2.Koller A.Requirements for teaching elective B.PCM 2 update C.Bloom’s taxonomy 3.Dr. Vance Broach, Resident of the Year 4.Beth Sonntag – Teaching in small groups 5.Teaching articles 6.Fill out evaluation

4 Teaching Elective Requirements 1.Attend 3 of 4 quarterly evening Didactic Sessions: 4:45pm–6:30pm 2.Teach at 5 PCM 2 small group sessions and do teaching reflection within 1 week 3.Complete 5 PCM 2 lecturer reflections the day of your small group within 1 week 4.Two master teacher reflections (you pick the 2 teachers) completed before January 1 st CHECK PCM 2 homepage for reflections received – current 10/24/11

5 Attend 3 of 4 quarterly evening Didactic Sessions: 4:45pm–6:30pm Each of the quarterly sessions is offered twice: –Summer 9A/B (July 26 or Aug 2) –Fall 10A/B (October 24 or November 1) –Winter 11A/B (January 23 or 30) –Spring 11C March 12 or 12A March 26) Match day = Friday March 16 SSOM 160

6 PCM 2 administration Les Medley, course coordinator SSOM 310

7 PCM 2 Lectures begin at 1:15, SSOM Rm 190 Contact/page your facilitator(s) and co-facilitators before class -discuss what you will do -discuss what you’d like to cover -do NOT give MS2s a second lecture -answer any questions MS2s may have from the lecture No assigned questions from readings EKG answers,CXR answers are in a folder by Les in SSOM 310

8 August & September 1.Review & Learn PE and write-up 2. Head –to-toe with facilitator Aug 2011 May 2012 October – May = abnormal findings Correlate with mechanism of disease October –April 1.Interpret EKGS 2.Preceptor program (4 write-ups) PCM 2 January – April 1. Interpret CXRs 2. Oral presentations

9 OCTOBER 2011 10/1 – 10/9 MS2 mid semester break 10/11 Preceptor program begins 10/11 Problem lists, +/-, Reasons to admit, Orders (Koller) 10/14 Focused H&P (Friday, Koller) 10/18 Intro to EKGS (Boyle) –Begin EKG interpretation in small groups –You will get answer sheet – found in folder 10/24 - Harvey workshop (Monday) no M4s 10/25 Heart sounds #1 (Wallis) –Practice case (SOB, cough, fever) or you bring in a real case to work through –EKGs –CDs or websites for heart sounds

10 NOVEMBER 2011 11/1 Heart sounds #2 (Wallis) 11/4 Harvey workshop #2 – no M4s 11/8 Heart sounds #3 (Wallis) 11/15 & 11/22 – NO M4s needed –Graded head to toe on Male SP 11/29 Abnormal lung #1 (Dr Chan)

11 DECEMBER 2011 12/6 Abnormal lung #2 (Dr Chan) online quiz 12/8 Written exam review (Koller) no M4s 12/8 Harvey #4 Lung sounds and heart sounds review (Koller) – no M4s 12/12 Semester 3 written exam – no M4s PCM 2 starts 1/3/12 – CXR, EKGs, oral presentations

12 Any questions about the requirements? Any questions about PCM 2?

13 What is a learning objective? An outcome statement that captures specifically the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that learners should be able to exhibit following instruction NOT what the lecturer will do Rather, “After this session, the learner will be able to “…..”

14 Learning objectives should be… SMART Specific Measureable/Observable Attainable within scheduled time Relevant Targeted to the level of the learner

15 Learning objectives Bad objectives –Learn –Grasp –Understand Good objectives –List –Distinguish –Define

16 Learning objectives Should guide assessment (test) Classic example = Bloom’s Taxonomy

17 Levels of learning/objectives 1.Recall A.Name… B.List… C.Define... 2.Comprehend A.Describe… B.Provide an example of appropriate use of “x”….) 3.Apply (Use chart to calculate appropriate dose….) 4.Analyze (Select lab tests…) 5.Synthesize (Make diagnosis….) 6.Evaluate (Select most effective treatment…)

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