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IRBEM LIB Update Paul O’Brien.

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1 IRBEM LIB Update Paul O’Brien

2 What is IRBEM? IRBEM-LIB is open source, shared development
Started as ONERA-DESP LIB as a convenient tool for computing L* Includes many magnetic field models Includes routines for field line and drift shell tracing Coordinate transforms Radiation specification models Neutral atmosphere Orbit propagator Accessible from IDL, Matlab, and Excel via DLL Mainly Fortran, some “extras” in C As of release 4.3, the library is now known as IRBEM LIB IRBEM = International Radiation Belt Model Sponsored by COSPAR/PRBEM File names haven’t changed (reverse compatibility)

3 Rename and Move to Sourceforge
IRBEM LIB is hosted on sourceforge at Allows multiple developers to stay “synched up” in the working directory /trunk/ (Bourdarie, O’Brien, Guild, Friedel, Roth, Boscher, …) Keeps track of all changes with subversion version control tool (and also CVS, I think) Formal releases are in /tags/, but it’s OK to use the working copy—it “works” it’s just being improved all the time. Fora (forums?) for questions and discussion, problem tracking, feature requests, etc. Covered by Lesser Gnu Public License

4 Multi-Platform Successfully compiled on Win32, Linux64, and Solaris64
IDL & Matlab wrappers work on Win32 and Linux64 – use the “working” copy in /trunk/ Mac OS-X not 100% - can use from Fortran but DLL does not appear to work with IDL, don’t know about Matlab. Need Mac Expert!

5 New Enviornment Models
Neutral Atmosphere: MSIS86, MSISE90, NRLMSIS00 Radiation Belts: AE8/AP8 CRRES-ELE, CRRES-PRO IGE (POLE) MEO-GNSS (GPS and GALILEO)

6 New Field Tracing Routines
MAKE_LSTAR routines support request for Phi rather than L* Fast L* (LANDI2LSTAR, LANDI2LSTAR_SHELL_SPLITTING EMPRICALLSTAR) Only for Olson-Pfitzer Quiet New more “careful” drift shell (DRIFT_BOUNCE_ORBIT) New tracing to foot point: FIND_FOOT_POINT, TRACE_FIELD_LINE_TOWARD_EARTH Identify Hemisphere (GET_HEMI) Convert L* to Phi LSTAR_PHI

7 Extras We have created the /extras folder to hold tools that aren’t part of the onera_desp_lib DLL If you have an IRBEM-related tool you’d like to make available, consider putting it in the extras folder A neural network library C with GSL, trains, evaluates neural networks An inversion library C with GSL spectral inversion converting omnidirectional fluxes to unidirectional fluxes using statistical models Var2cdf IDL and Matlab code Share variables and save sets between Matlab and IDL via CDF Works most of the time ;)

8 Future Plans More work on Fast L* More models from ONERA
Minor tweaks to LANDI2LSTAR_SHELL_SPLITTING Neural network fast L*? Faster IGRF (Pfitzer’s INVARM) More models from ONERA IRI and Shieldose2 could be added fairly easily What do you want/need? We could really use a motivated person to update and maintain our sourceforge web pages

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