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SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 Administrator’s Recommended: 2013 Levy & Budget and 2014 Long Term Financial Plan 5/9/2015.

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1 SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 Administrator’s Recommended: 2013 Levy & Budget and 2014 Long Term Financial Plan 5/9/2015

2 Administrator’s Recommended: 2013 Levy & Budget and 2014 LTFP High-Level Summary: County Administrator David Hemze Details: Finance Director David Frischmon Questions:

3 County Government Works! An Initiative to Raise Awareness and Understanding of Counties Carver County Provides Many Everyday Services on Behalf of its Residents: 270 miles of roads, 55 bridges, 650 acres public areas Public safety: Patrols, Jail, 9-1-1 center,… 8 City & Express Libraries: 1M books, magazines,... Personal Records: Birth, Marriage, Land Purchases,… Public Health: Disease Prevention, Immunizations,… Social Services: Behavioral Health, Employment, Elderly/Disabled Transportation, Adoption, … Environmental Services: Recycling, Water Mgmt,…

4 (1)Includes: County Board and Administration, Financial Services, Employee Relations, Property Records & Taxpayer Services, Facility Services, Information Technology, Veterans Services, Extension, Historical Society, Coroner, Building Service, Debt Services, and support for various community programs. County Government Value !

5 Taxes Support Library Services Library: $6/Month For less than the cost of a new best seller in paperback – all residents have easy access to everything the County libraries have to offer.

6 Taxes Keep Roads Safe Year-Round Highway Maintenance: $5/Month Less than you’d pay for a couple gallons of gas –goes toward maintaining the County’s roads, bridges and signs.

7 Taxes Maintain Parks and Trails Parks and Trails: $1 /Month More than 650 acres of protected public parks and recreation areas and County trails. Compared to buying comparable property of your own, it’s quite a bargain.

8 Taxes Assure Emergency Response 911 Dispatch: $3 /Month About $3 a month on the average-value home – less than you’d spend on a first aid kit – goes toward providing 911 emergency dispatch services. What value do you place on knowing you can call 911 for any type of emergency and receive an immediate response?

9 County Tax Impact: Average Value Home

10 2013 Budget Strategy County’s Tax Impact: “Decrease for Average Value Home” Tax Base:  Overall Market Value: (4%) - Residential and Commercial  New Construction: +$850K* in New Levy $ Wages & Benefits:  Wages: ‘13 union settlement as pattern + Pay For Performance  Benefits: Health Insurance, PTO, Turnover, OPEB Other:  *$850K for Bridges: 101, Roads: Engler Blvd. and shift CPA to CIPs  Higher Costs: Building Security, Medical Examiner and AIS Inspections  $500K in Levy Adjustments: favorable trends from best practices & reorgs.  Flat-line non-personnel line items – Reprioritize within each Division

11 2013 Levy Policy Recommends Capture Levy from “New Construction”:  Bridges: $425K for 101/61 debt service ($6.4M County Contribution)  Roads: $150K Engler Blvd. debt service  CIPs: $275K shift CPA (20%) from operating budget to CIPs “Flatline Levy”:  Bridges: Find other revenue source for County’s 101/61 contribution  Roads: Find operating cuts to offset increased Engler Blvd debt service  CIPs: Keep 100% of CPA in operating budget, start shift in 2014 Levy PolicyLevy ImpactTax Impact %Tax Impact $ “Zero-Impact”$2M0%$0 “New Construction”$850K(2.7%)($30) “Flat-Line ”$0(5%)($50)

12 2012 Budget Summary Budget Summary Revenue:20132012 Taxes & Penalties$48,141,527$47,305,527 Intergovernmental 23,044,735(1) 27,442,648 Charges for Services 10,975,020 11,278,583 Other 6,381,379 5,848,942 Capital Reserves 0 (1) 5,405,348 Total Revenues$88,542,661$97,281,048 Expenditures: Personal Services$52,342,847$51,885,886 Services and Charges 9,902,790 9,866,591 Capital Outlay 11,700,609(1) 20,737,365 Other 14,596,415 14,791,206 Total Expenditures$88,542,661 $97,281,048 (1) 2013 Budget driven by decrease in capital projects funded by intergovernmental revenue and designated capital reserves.

13 $500K 2013 Levy Adjustments Description Admin. Recommended Levy Savings Revenue: Fed Reimb., Sheriff’s Aid, Inmate, License Center 200K Contractual services: Unemployment compensation and Juvenile placements $ 175K Staffing reductions: (2) Vacant 0.5 FTEs eliminated75K Various operating budget line items - trends, prioritizing 55K Administrator's Recommended 2013 Levy Adjustments $ 500K

14 Long Term Financial Plan Highlights Roads and Bridges:  $9.2M 101 Bridge and Y Project - accumulate reserves, bond for the rest  Other Bridges Delayed  CSAH 18 - many others financed with Fed/State/Regional funding Buildings:  Security: Develop and Implement 5 year Improvement Plan  PW Master Plan: Relocate Watertown facility/sell Chaska PW Site  Two new Libraries: one-time costs & levy $ for personnel Parks and Trails:  Paul’s Parcel land acquisition – State funding ?  Sustainability & Maintenance Projects, then Development Operations:  Increase Productivity: Technology, Kaizen/Lean, Cooperation, etc.  Minimize Health Insurance Increases: Wellness Incentives & Surcharges

15 2013 Budget Timeline 5/8 WorkshopAdmin. recommends 2013 Budget Strategy May 9thDivisions receive Administrator’s 2013 Budget Strategy and Preliminary Budget 6/20Divisions submit 2013 Budget Requests Budget Hearings: Mid – End July Divisions present 2013 Budget Requests 8/21 WorkshopAdmin. recommends: 2013 Levy & Budget and 2014 Long Term Financial Plan 9/4 Board Mtg.Board Action: 2013 Prelim. Tax Levy 12/6 Board Mtg.Public Hearing: 2013 Levy and Budget 12/18 Board Mtg.Board Action: ‘13 Budget/Levy & ’14 LTFP

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