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DSTP Delaware Student Testing Program A Guide for Parents Spring 2009.

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1 DSTP Delaware Student Testing Program A Guide for Parents Spring 2009

2 Purpose of the DSTP  To help schools and districts see if students are making progress  To help the state know how schools and districts are ensuring that students are being taught the standards Information taken from: Content Standards and Assessment in Delaware, DOE

3 What It Means For Your Child  The scores are reported for grades 3-10 with 5 performance levels.  Grade 2 scores are reported with 3 performance levels.  Teachers continue to focus on mastering State Recommended Curriculum with your child.

4 Performance Levels Well below the standard Below the standard Meets the standard Exceeds the standard Distinguished Performance Level 1 PL1 Performance Level 2 PL2 Performance Level 3 PL3 Performance Level 4 PL4 Performance Level 5 PL5

5 Grades and Subjects Tested GradeSubject Grade 2-10 Math & Reading Grades 5, 8, 10 Writing Grades 4, 6, 8 and 11 Science & Social Studies

6 Question Format  Multiple Choice  Short Answer  Extended Response

7 Reading Sample 1. Read the sentences in boxes 1 and 3. Question: Which sentence goes in box 2? A. Fox goes to the lake B. Bear’s tail breaks off C. Fox catches a fish D. Bear’s tail sticks to the ice 123 Fox makes a hole in the ice Bear puts his tail in a hole in the ice

8 Quick Tips for Multiple Choice Questions  Read the question.  Think about a possible right answer.  Eliminate all answers you know are false.  Choose the best answer.  If you don’t know the answer, take an educated guess!

9 Text-Based Writing Sample You are going to read a tall tale about a cowboy named Coyote Bill. As you read, think about whether or not you’d like to be a cowboy. After reading the story, you will be asked to write a letter explaining whether or not you’d like to go on a cattle drive. You must use the information from the story in your letter

10 Quick Tips for Extended Answer Items  Read the entire passage.  Be sure to include information in your answer from the passage.  Be specific in your word choice and use the space provided.  Re-read and edit your answer and make sure the question is answered properly.

11 Extended Response Sample Box- 4 points

12 Math Sample Look at the drawing of a cylindrical water heater below. How much water, in cubic inches, can the water heater hold when full? Round your answer to the nearest cubic inch. Show or explain how you got the answer.

13 Quick Tips for Short Answer Math Items  Read the question.  Be sure to list specific steps on how to solve the problem.  Re-read your response to make sure the question is answered properly.

14 Math Short Answer Sample Box- 2 points

15 What can YOU do?  Be involved in your child’s school experiences  Encourage your child’s very best effort  Make sure your child attends school to take the tests  Study the descriptors for performance level on the DOE website

16 What Can YOU Do?  Make sure child is well - rested – at least 8 hours of sleep.  Provide a healthy, nutritional breakfast for your child on the testing days.

17 Interested In More Information?  Call the DOE’s hotline at 1-877-838-DSTP  Visit the DOE’s website for sample questions at:  Visit Red Clay’s website at:

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