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Listography! In an educational way. List… Cities you plan to visit.

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1 Listography! In an educational way

2 List…

3 Cities you plan to visit

4 Countries you hope to go to

5 Modes of transportation to take

6 Outdoor adventures you want to have

7 Sports or games you’d like to try

8 Your dream jobs

9 National parks and gardens to visit

10 Beaches you dream of seeing

11 Things you want to achieve

12 Habits to break

13 Authors and poets you want to read

14 Artists and photographers you’d like to explore

15 Things you’d love to be knowledgeable about

16 Films you’d like to see

17 Moments in your life you don’t want to forget

18 Classes you’d love to try

19 Recipes you want to try

20 Environmentally friendly habits you need to start

21 Good deeds you long to perform

22 Plays, performances and musicals to see

23 Changes you wish for the world

24 Events to time travel to (past and future)

25 Things to do when you’re feeling down

26 Animals you’d love to adopt

27 Other lives you’d want to lead if you had nine lives

28 Things you hope to achieve one day

29 Habits to develop for your health

30 What you’d do with an enormous amount of money

31 Places you could see yourself living

32 Parties you’d enjoy throwing

33 Unique sights to visit

34 Supernatural or miraculous experiences you’d love to try

35 Sports figures or teams to see one day

36 Causes you’d like to volunteer for

37 People you would love to meet

38 Festivals and parades you’d love to attend

39 Cuisines to taste

40 Things you’d love to learn to make with your own two hands

41 Things you’d like to collect

42 What your perfect home would contain

43 People to find in the afterlife

44 Natural wonders and monuments to see

45 The lists you want to make one day

46 Where you see yourself in five years, ten years and twenty-five years

47 What you hope they say about you at your funeral

48 The things you hope to experience before you die

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