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Web 2.0 Learning at the Speed of Light 21 st Century Communication & Collaboration.

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1 Web 2.0 Learning at the Speed of Light 21 st Century Communication & Collaboration

2 I need to know this to support my students! I want to do this, I must know how! We are all 21 st Century Learners!

3 Learning is Social Twitter Social Networks Teacher Tube RSS Feeds Reviews Google Docs Social Bookmarking Comments Photo Sharing Web 2.0 Read Write Web Voice Thread

4 Learning is ethical District Policy / Federal Law Before publishing ANY student works on-line, please be sure you are in compliance with District Policy (refer to your district Acceptable Use Policy) and Federal COPPA Regulation & CIPA LAWCOPPA CIPA

5 Learning is community content Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. [1] The organization has released several copyright licenses known as Creative Commons licenses. These licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of other creators.non-profit organizationcreative [1]Creative Commons licenses David Berry and Giles Moss have credited Creative Commons with generating interest in the issue of intellectual property and contributing to the re-thinking of the role of the “commons” in the “information age”. Beyond that Creative Commons has provided "institutional, practical and legal support for individuals and groups wishing to experiment and communicate with culture more freely". [2]intellectual propertycommonsinformation age [2]

6 Learning is discovery Share Learning Discover Trends and Ideas Critical Friends – Reflective LearningCritical Friends Collect and Link to additional resources Who do the Leaders Read?Who do the Leaders Read? Sharing Reflection Critical Friends

7 Learning is without borders Blogs: wordpresswordpress Wikis: wikispaceswikispaces Podcasts: gcastgcast Learning is without boundaries

8 Learning is partnership Collaboration Community Collective (Wisdom of Crowds)

9 Learning is visual & content-rich Classroom 2.0 Asynchronous Collaborations Opportunities, making magic happen

10 Learning is fun!!! Pod-O-Matic Gcast GarageBand PC Audacity Lame 3 MAC

11 Ttttt What’s wrong with this picture?picture

12 Ttttt Shift Happens! LOL HTH TMI OTFL STW TGIF YYSSW On the floor laughing Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever Laugh out loud Search the web Hope this helps Too much information Parents are coming alert P911 From ELL To TLL

13 Ttttt




17 Educational Social Networking PBS Teachers Connect Educational Social Feeds Twitter Social Bookmarks RSS Feeds Google Reader Google Apps Google Docs Google Sites -See IDEAL websiteIDEAL Too much to know??? Focus your thinking and your plans…. What is the significance of the message? What is the right tool for the intended audience and outcome? Why does this matter Does technology (Web 2.0) enrich and sustain meaning?

18 Learning IS your fingertips Amy Chayefsky Blog: Wiki: Social Network: Twitter: achayefsky Skype: achayefsky Second Life: Amy Teebrook (What is SL?)(What is SL?) (Find me on ISTE Island / AzTEA)

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