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Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad.

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1 Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad.

2 nervous / tense/ stressed out
Guess how they feel! shy unhappy 哇! sad want to cry happy angry surprised nervous / tense/ stressed out excited annoyed tired/sleepy

3 How do you feel about these pictures?
The snake makes me scared. makes me cry. The tidy room makes me comfortable. makes me feel comfortable.

4 The beautiful beach makes me _______. relaxed The delicious food
makes me want to have a holiday. The delicious food makes me______. hungry makes me want to eat.

5 The news that China won the Asian Games _____________________.
made us excited and proud.

6 Learn to talk about how things affect you
made me The loud music The soft music Waiting for her so long The ending of “the Day After Tomorrow” The SARS (非典) So many teachers in our class angry sad tense shy uncomfortable happy

7 adj. about feelings: happy unhappy sad annoyed angry bored nervous tense stressed out surprised excited energetic relaxed tired sleepy comfortable uncomfortable scared frightened awful ……

8 Aha ! Fill in the blanks My study report made me________ because I got an A. Waiting for you so long made me ________. The story was so sad that it makes all of us ________. Loud music makes me ______. Long time studying makes us ________. Wearing two left slippers made me _______. The movie “the Day After Tomorrow” makes all people ______. The joke is so funny that it makes us_________. happy angry cry Want to dance tired/ exhausted embarrassed sad/cry laugh

9 Pairwork Rainy days make me sad. A:What makes him/her sad?
B: Rainy days make him sad. A: How do you feel about … ? B: It makes / They make me … . happy sad angry relaxed annoyed stressed happy tense comfortable uncomfortable smoking heavy traffic loud noise people who keep you waiting the movie I Love My Family

10 What’s your favorite kind of music?
I don’t like _____ music because it makes me_______. disco/dance music classical music rock music pop music soft/light music

11 Listen. relaxed sleepy tense 紧张的

12 Pair-work Task 3 --- Which restaurant would you like to go?
--- I would rather go to … because the soft music makes me ….

13 Listen .Number the pictures and fill in the blanks.
It was so sad that it_____ us ____. made cry It was_____ and the food was ____ . quiet great made tense Loud music ______her _______. Waiting for her ___________ made me angry.

14 2b Listen again. Check the things that Tina & John said.
____Waiting for her made angry. ____She said that loud music made her tense. ____Loud music makes me happy. ____Loud music always makes me want to dance. ____It was so sad it made us cry. ____Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave. ____It made me sad.

15 And the chairs are too hard.
我会选 A: _______? I called you but your mother said you were out. B: I went to Kentucky with my friends. A: ___________________? B: Because I love the food very much. A: But it is very crowded there. B: _______________. And the noise made me uncomfortable. A: _______________. B: Yes,that makes people not stay long. So we left early. Oh, _______? A: Nothing much. I just want to know when we will meet on Sunday. B: At 7:00 o’clock. A: OK. Thanks. And the chairs are too hard. B. That’s right. C. What’s the matter? D. Where did you go? E. Why did you go there?

16 Summary Loud music makes me want to dance. That movie made me sad.
Loud music makes me tense. make sb. adj. (令某人怎样) make sb. do sth. (令某人干某事)

17 Loud music makes me tense. Loud music makes her happy.
Loud music makes them energetic. Loud music makes me want to dance. Loud music makes him want to leave. It made her sad. Waiting for her made me angry. make makes made grammar focus

18 1. make +n. make food 做饭 make a plane做飞机 make the bed 铺床 make money 赚钱 2. I just made it to my class. (Unit 9)我恰好赶到班级。 (arrived in time) 3. make sb. / sth. + adj. 使某人(感到)… 可用到的形容词有:happy, pleased, surprised, angry, annoyed, sad, upset, unhappy, worried, anxious, excited, relaxed, stressed out, tense, calm, scared, comfortable, sick … eg. (1)Soccer makes me crazy. 足球使我疯狂。 (2)The soft music makes Tina sleepy. 轻柔的音乐使Tina快睡着了。

19 4. make sb. / sth. + do …使某人做某事
eg. (1)Wars make the peace go away. 战争使和平远离。 (2)The color red makes people want to eat faster. 红色使人们吃得更快些。

20 Revision exercises: The story was so sad that it __________________ 这故事如此悲伤以致于它令我们哭了. 2. Exams always _____________________________ 考试总让他很紧张. 3. The news that China will hold 2008 Olympics ___________________________________. 中国将举办2008奥运会的消息令我们很兴奋. 4. Long time studying _________________________ 长时间的学习令他们筋疲力尽. 5. _________________________________________ 大声的音乐令我很想跳舞. made us cry. make him tense made us excited makes them exhausted. Loud music makes me want to dance.

21 HOMEWORK 1.抄写 单词, 词组 2.作业本 1,2的1,2 3.当堂练的A 4.背诵 1b , 2b ,2c,
5. 书面表达 make sb …

22 Match the pictures! 1. The news that Beijing will hold 2008 Olympics makes me want to _____. sad 2. The funny movie made him ______. shout 3. The loud music makes me want to _____. laugh 4. He said the sad movie made him _____. dance

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