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1 introducing

2 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300 is a high-quality, multipurpose stereo audio processor for digital radio, digital television, netcasts, STL protection, audio production and digital mastering. 2

3 OPTIMOD 6300 With 20 kHz audio bandwidth and 48 kHz internal sample-rate, the 6300 is the next generation Orban’s popular OPTIMOD-DAB 6200 audio processor while offering improved processing algorithms and more flexibility. For video applications, broadcasters can activate the 6300’s included CBS Loudness Controller™ to prevent audience irritation and tune-outs caused by loud commercials. 3

4 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300 contains: Orban’s exclusive PreCode™ technology to pre-process for low bit-rate codecs. An advanced window-gated AGC. Stereo enhancement and equalization. Multiband compression (two or five-band). Two low-IM look-ahead limiters. The limiters can be configured to protect “flat” or pre-emphasized media. 4

5 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300’s AGC uses the same dual-band, window-gated, matrix technology as the AGCs in Orban’s 2300, 5300, 8300, 8382, 8400, 8500, 9300 and 9400 OPTIMODs. It can therefore accurately substitute for the AGCs in these devices. Because the 6300’s AGC is more advanced than the AGCs in Orban’s 2200, 8200 and 9200 OPTIMOD units, the 6300 can upgrade the performance of these older products when substituted their AGCs. 5

6 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300 has one AES3 input and one stereo analog input.
There are two AES3 outputs and one analog stereo output. The 6300’s outputs can be independently configured to emit the output of the AGC or the output of the multiband compressor/limiter, all configurable to use or bypass look-ahead limiting. 6

7 OPTIMOD 6300 Other important new features include soft knee and compression ratio controls for each of the bands in the multiband compressor/limiter. This allows mastering and production engineers to apply very subtle multiband compression while retaining as much of the original source’s dynamics as desired. 7

8 OPTIMOD 6300 A 6300 can simultaneously:
Drive an STL (flat, or pre-emphasized at 50 µs or 75 µs) with a peak-limited output from the 6300’s AGC. Provide a fully processed digital radio/netcast feed with two-band or five-band multiband compression and peak limiting. Provide a low-delay, multiband-compressed headphone feed for talent. 8

9 OPTIMOD 6300 Three levels of control over your sound: factory processing presets named for your format, easy, single-knob LESS-MORE control of processing within each preset and FULL CONTROL for versatile customization of your sound. Phase-linear signal path for maximum transparency. Digital I/O: 96, 88.1, 48, 44.1 and 32 kHz input, automatically selected; 96, 88.1, 48, 44.1 or 32 kHz output. 9

10 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300 is ideal for mastering applications:
New in OPTIMOD processors, the 6300’s KNEE and RATIO controls for each band in the multiband compressor make the 6300 a versatile mastering compressor. Whether you’re looking for loudness or transparency, the 6300’s low-IM look-ahead limiter is competitive with the best dedicated mastering limiters. Double-precision (48-bit) crossover filters and equalizers have superbly low noise and distortion. 10

11 OPTIMOD 6300 In television, video and other sound-for-picture applications: The 6300’s CBS Loudness Controller™ tames loud commercials to prevent viewer annoyance and tune-outs. Video-specific presets make setup easy. Defeatable dynamic noise reduction is useful for news and play-by-play sports. Sophisticated gating of the AGC and multiband compressor prevents noise pumping. 11

12 OPTIMOD 6300 48 kHz internal sample-rate provides 6 dB lower filter noise and non-linearity than 96 kHz systems; bandwidth is selectable in steps between 10 and 20 kHz. Ethernet, RS232 serial and GPI remote control; includes full featured PC Remote software. Six levels of password-based security. Front panel LED metering of left and right input and gain reduction levels. Compact one rack unit design. 12

13 OPTIMOD 6300 The 6300 employs mastering quality equalizers and crossover filters throughout. The three-band parametric equalizer’s curves accurate emulate an analog parametric equalizer, while a parametric low-frequency shelving equalizer with 6, 12 or 18 dB/octave slopes allows a user to add bass punch without muddiness. 13

14 OPTIMOD 6300 Not only will the 6300 offer higher quality in tradition 6200 applications, but its versatile routing, new features and immaculate signal path will open up new applications and markets in broadcast and professional audio. 14

15 Thank you for your attention!
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