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Telephone communication – representing the company.

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1 Telephone communication – representing the company

2 Housekeeping › mobile phones › break times › toilets › emergencies © smallprint 2

3 Workshop overview At this workshop the following will be addressed: › answering incoming calls › making outgoing calls › using voice and paralanguage to make a good impression › handling difficult callers › managing stress associated with using the phone © smallprint 3

4 Workshop expectations What do you know about the topic? What do you need to know? What outcomes do you expect from this workshop? © smallprint 4

5 Topic 1 Creating an outstanding image How will you create the correct image? © smallprint 5

6 The telephone – a communication tool ‘To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.’ (Anthony Robbins) © smallprint 6

7 Providing service Answering the phone is a customer service role. © smallprint 7

8 Activity © smallprint 8

9 Topic 2 Protocols For many clients or customers the first, or even the only, contact they have with an organisation occurs over the telephone. © smallprint 9

10 Receiving calls – answering protocols © smallprint 10 Organisational protocols ‘Yep, Yep, whaddaya want?’

11 Verbal, vocal communication Body language and facial expression cannot be seen during normal phone conversations. © smallprint 11

12 Diction › spoken clarity › the clarity with which somebody pronounces words when speaking › choice of words to fit their context › a way of speaking, assessed in terms of prevailing pronunciation and elocution standards © smallprint 12

13 Courtesy © smallprint 13 › excellence of manners or social conduct › polite behaviour › a respectful or considerate act or expression

14 Listening skills Please listen carefully © smallprint 14

15 Questioning © smallprint 15 Listen actively, question effectively.

16 Transferring and escalating calls I will transfer your call now. © smallprint 16

17 Activity © smallprint 17

18 Topic 3 © smallprint 18 Challenging calls Not all customers are easy to deal with.

19 © smallprint 19 Handling challenging customers can be a difficult undertaking.

20 Complaints Complaints are an organisation's lifeline. Properly handled complaints will result in happy, supportive customers/ clients. © smallprint 20

21 Assertive responses Not all complaints will be resolvable and not all customer/ client expectations are reasonable. Assertive – not aggressive or defensive – responses will lead to effective results. © smallprint 21

22 Taking messages Thankyou, I will make sure your message is passed on to the correct department. © smallprint 22

23 Activity © smallprint 23

24 Topic 4 © smallprint 24 Outbound calls

25 Speak clearly – be prepared Erm, can I speak to… erm… - oh, what’s his name…….? © smallprint 25

26 Tone © smallprint 26 Research indicates that the following voice characteristics, (para- language), are commonly associated with the following feelings/ meanings: Para-languageProbable feeling/ meaning Monotonal speechBoredom/ disinterest Slow speed, low pitchDepression, thoughtfulness High voice, emphatic speechEnthusiasm, excitement Ascending toneAstonishment, fear Abrupt speech, loud toneDefensiveness, stress Terse speech, loud toneAnger, fear High pitch, drawn out speechDisbelief

27 Make messages short and clear ‘Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.’ (Robert Greenleaf) © smallprint 27

28 Activity © smallprint 28

29 Topic 5 © smallprint 29 Handling pressure

30 Strategies for managing work Don’t let the pressure get to you. There are many things you can do to make your job easier and your time more productive. © smallprint 30

31 Make better use of your time © smallprint 31

32 Organise your work space © smallprint 32

33 Stress ‘You wake up screaming and realise you have not fallen asleep yet.’ (Unknown) © smallprint 33

34 Activity © smallprint 34

35 Summary Before leaving today please share: › 1 thing you learned › 1 new practice you will undertake at work › 1 activity you enjoyed Thankyou for your attendance and participation. © smallprint 35

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