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Computer-mediated Communication in Flux Laughing Out Loud.

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1 Computer-mediated Communication in Flux Laughing Out Loud

2 Computer-mediated Communication Technically communicative transaction between two networked computers Commonly discourse between two computer-users: Netspeak Unsurprisingly, this form of communication got a lot of attention early on, mostly from child developmentalists and linguistis. Unfortunately, most of this attention was on the “treatment of the bastardization of language.” –O’Connor 2005

3 LOL as Discourse Marker in some instances, those who use LOL are not physically laughing at the time of writing it; in some instances, LOL will not represent humorous circumstances alone; LOL will fall within a syntactic location consistent with that of a discourse marker; and each of the above will be the consensus of third- party observers

4 Laughing Out Loud An alternative is finding that LOL’s meaning is consistent with current definitions and perceptions. “Speakers” are laughing out loud when they write the word All instances of LOL are within contexts that physical laughter would fall in

5 Data Sample lol I go to Vegas almost every year for about 2 weeks and we drive out there so, I've learned it pretty well and we actually looked at houses out in henderson the last time we were there lol. But thanks anways! Yeah hopefully my diagnosis goes well! well I have one out of three diseases that no doctor (which I have been to 5 now) has been able to figure out so I'm in and out of the hospital for a while now. But basically my blood doesn't clot so it's a mericale I ever made it out of tech class lol. Now I'm just going to school to be a paralegal and hopefully I graduate next spring but not too much other than that. working on becoming a professional poker which so far has been a challenge but I may one day make it! —Facebook wall post just lol(lol cant show much laughter) hahhahahahahahha p.s is it really that bad –Blog Post

6 The Survey Surveys from surveymonkey Pilot study Given to friends and family Data taken from MMOs, IM logs, Facebook posts, etc.

7 Question Sample In your opinion, was the writer literally laughing when he or she wrote “lol”? How would you describe “lol” in this paragraph without spelling out the acronym or without associating it to physical laughter? What did the writer intend by using “lol” in this way?

8 Results 90% of survey-takers said the authors of the data were not physically laughing Many use terms like “joking,” “funny,” etc. Overwhelming majority tagged the phrase as a discourse marker – “To let the other person know that he's having a good attitude and not just complaining.” – “So Anyways....”

9 Conclusions The conditions we set out to test were all met lol occurs in syntactically appropriate places speakers are not physically laughing all the time when used common understanding extends its meaning into the context of the conversation LOL most likely functions as a discourse marker

10 More Questions Was the size of the study a factor in the results? Can we really know meaning through consensus? While LOL may serve as a discourse marker, does it reflect laughter? – Is laughter a discourse marker? – If LOL reflects laughter, what does it mean that speakers aren’t laughing when they use it?

11 Contact Information Jacob Kartchner Thanks!

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