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Math will never be the same! Diana Pecina Director of Partnerships, Bedtime Math Alabama Section – American Association of Physics.

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1 Math will never be the same! Diana Pecina Director of Partnerships, Bedtime Math Alabama Section – American Association of Physics Teachers January 31, 2015

2 Did you know…  Math skills at kindergarten entry are a stronger predictor of later school achievement than reading skills or attention span. We can do better. We have to.  The top 15 highest-paying jobs all require sophisticated math skills.  More U.S. college students choose to major in “leisure studies” than in all physical sciences combined.

3 Problem: Too Many People Fear Math

4 The Life Cycle, Starting at Birth Birth Pre- School Age College Adult Twice as many moms as dads hate math

5 Pre-School: Literacy vs. Numeracy… Birth Pre- School Age College Adult 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Top 100 Kids’ Educational Books ABCs123s 123: 9 books ABC: 27 books Dr. Seuss’ ABCs Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Z Is for Moose Math Made Easy Grade 4 Math Made Easy Grade 3 WordProblem (Kumon Grade 3) Math Made Easy Grade 2

6 …vs. Videos 62% 50% 21% 65% 25% Videos Reading Math Parent Education Level 63% 55% 18% 61% 65% 28% Parental Income Level Non-CollCollege< $100K> $100K Source: Bedtime Math/Eagleton Institute survey, 2012

7 Elementary School: Teacher Effects Birth Pre- School Age College Adult  Math competence  Math anxiety  Gender prejudices  Impact on girls 5 times greater

8 Elementary School: Help at Home Birth Pre- School Age College Adult “Mom Effect”  72% more likely they can’t help with math homework  Only 40% as likely to think homework help is effective

9 People Can Get Outside Help…

10 School Age College Adult …But We Can’t Escape the Culture Birth Pre- School “Math class is tough!”

11 Making Math as Great as Dessert  Bedtime Math is a small nonprofit, founded 2012  Put the fun and discovery back into learning math  Mental math, real life  Post a new problem every day: – Free website – Free email – Free app  Just like a bedtime story!

12 Spark Your Imagination Most of us love bath toys. But having over 5,000 rubber ducks swim around with us is another story. In 2011 Charlotte Lee broke the world record for the biggest collection of rubber ducks, at 5,631. She had been collecting them since 1996, and no one has broken the record yet. Or maybe someone has, but he’s still trying to climb out of the tub. Wee ones: If you have 6 ducks, what numbers would you say to count them ? Little kids: If you have 9 of those small rubber ducks and 2 giant ones, how many rubber ducks do you have in total? Big kids: For how many years has Charlotte been collecting ducks?

13 For Parents: Math for Storytime

14 Nothing Like a Textbook

15 For Parents: Mobile Math  Average rating of 5 stars  Reached top 20 free education apps on iTunes  Rated “Best Free App of the Day on iOS” by Available for iOS and Android

16 The Movement So Far  Website: 700,000+ unique visitors to date  Daily math: 40,000+ email, 15,000+ Facebook  App: 35,000+ users  Books: #1 and #2 kids’ math books on Amazon  Next up: Hands-on math with Crazy 8s!

17 A Math Club for Everyone:  High-energy math club  After-school enrichment program  Piloted in winter 2014: 40 sites, 1,000 kids  Now launching nationwide!

18 Crazy 8s: The Basics  Two grade levels available: – Grades K-2 – Grades 3-5  “Club” format: – Eight weekly sessions – One hour meeting – Meet outside of regular school hours  Fun new theme each week

19 Crazy 8s: Our Commitment Bedtime Math provides a free kit including:  Most materials  Full script for each week’s session (flash-drive)  Posters and recruiting flyers

20 Crazy 8s: Your Commitment After-school program agrees to:  Recruit an enthusiastic coach – No special skills needed – Get kids up and moving – A little “ crazy ” helps!  Run as an 8-week after-school program  Limit enrollment to 10-20 kids per age group  Provide a few standard supplies ($10/week or less)

21 Crazy 8s: Script Contents  One-page overview: – “Big Idea” for the week – Supplies list (we provide/you provide) – Room set-up requirements – Other key prep – Math concepts for the week  Full directions, road-tested by our pilot sites  Bonus activities for kids ahead of the curve

22 The Fun Framework Compelling Engaging Tolerable

23 Weekly Themes – Season 1  Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry  Let’s Get Loud  Time of Your Life  Toilet Paper Olympics  Spy Training  Flying Marshmallows  Zip Line Zoo  Bouncy Dice Explosion

24 Weekly Themes – Season 2  Glow-in-the-Dark City  On the Money  Ramp It Up  Beach Ball Party  See What Sticks  Born This Way  Try Angles  Epic Air Traffic Control

25 Crazy 8s and Common Core  Supports Mathematical Content Standards across several domains: – Counting and Cardinality – Operations and Algebraic Thinking – Numbers and Operations in Base 10 – Numbers and Operations – Fractions – Measurement and Data – Geometry

26 Crazy 8s and Common Core  Supports Mathematical Practice Standards, including: – MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them – MP2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively – MP5: Use appropriate tools strategically – MP7: Look for and make use of structure

27 Let’s Get Loud

28  Build a working pan flute, measure how loud you are, and explore rhythm using “found” instruments.  The math behind the mischief: – Measuring lengths – Comparing and sequencing lengths – Counting, skip counting – Patterns – Simple relationships between variables

29 Toilet Paper Olympics

30  Host your own Olympics, using toilet paper squares to measure how far kids run, jump, and throw!  The math behind the mischief: – Counting – Measuring lengths – Estimation – Bonus: Single digit multiplication and division

31 Time of Your Life

32  Make a life-size clock, then race the clock to complete silly stunts.  The math behind the mischief: – Units of time – Time measurement – Time estimation and accuracy – Bonus: Calculating an average

33 Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry

34  Use glowsticks and styrofoam balls to create glowing geometric shapes !  The math behind the mischief: – Shapes – Counting – Area and volume – Pattern recognition (both shapes and numbers)

35 Spy Training

36  Be a spy: Crack codes to find hidden treasure! Then create your own codes, and learn to solve puzzles like a pro.  The math behind the mischief: – Pattern recognition and pattern completion – Association between sets – Probabilities: letter usage

37 Let’s get crazy! It’s time to make math the thing to do after-school! More than 2,000 Crazy 8s Clubs signed up already! Season 2 kit ships in January 2015 Season 3 activities under development cool

38 Crazy 8s: Start Your Own Club Sign up at Review requirements and register as a coach Kit will arrive 4 weeks before club starts Find a flexible space for 8 weekly meetings Open sign ups for 10-20 kids per age group Read directions and review materials in kit Gather a few standard supplies Get crazy!

39 Join the Movement! Our kids need to read to succeed – but they also need to do the math.

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