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Shop Safety By Brent Tubbs Mount Logan Middle School.

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1 Shop Safety By Brent Tubbs Mount Logan Middle School

2 Safety is… freedom from danger, risks or accidents that may result in injury, death or property damage.

3 Common Safety Tips When can accidents happen: Any Time When can accidents happen: Any Time

4 Protecting yourself starts with: Understanding the equipment you are using.

5 Common Sense Use it Common Sense Use it

6 Experimenting in the shop: Can end badly.

7 Never Use Broken Tools

8 Blowing dust off with your mouth Can be a pain in the eyes.

9 When you are comfortable with a tool, never get too comfortable.

10 When you are in the shop, when should you be wearing Safety glasses? Always!

11 Make sure all ______________ are in place and are working properly. Guards

12 Bystander accidents happen Commonly.

13 Many people are blinded with their safety glasses in their Pocket.

14 Wear safety gear that matches the Work you are doing.

15 Use the right tool For the right job.

16 Always practice Safety.

17 Can jewelry, and watches be a problem? Yes. They can get caught in moving parts.

18 What can happen with loose clothing, ties, and hair around machines? Pull into the equipment.

19 What are sheer points? Places that can pinch off fingers and toes.

20 One safety principle is concentrating on the ___________ at hand. Job

21 You should memorize where the ___ is on a Machine. Off Switch

22 Should you wear closed toe shoes in the shop? Yes!

23 Can horseplay be a problem? Yes!

24 After using a tool and you are finished with it, what should do with the tool? Clean it and put it away.

25 Should you put tools in your pockets? Why? No. You can stab yourself.

26 A major problem that is a cause of an accident is a Messy Work Place.

27 Your hand is not a good Broom.

28 Why should you never dust yourself off with an air supply; It can push an air bubble into your bloodstream and kill you.

29 What can happen when oil and pure oxygen come in contact? It will explode!

30 Being tense while using a machine or tool is bad. If you are tense and are startled you could end up in the machine or tool.

31 You can cut your hand like this. What can happen if you use your hand as a broom to clean up metal or plastic shavings?

32 What can happen to loose clothing in the shop? It can get caught in a machine or tool.

33 What can happen if you plug in a machine or tool with the power turned on? It will turn on and you can get hurt.

34 What can happen to your eyes if you watch someone welding and you are only wearing sun glasses to protect your eyes? You will sun burn your eyes.

35 What can happen to your eyes if you are wearing contacts without safety glasses in the shop? The contacts will not protect your eyes like safety glasses can.

36 What will happen if you touch recently cut metal shavings? They will burn you.

37 What can happen if you are working in the shop and you are sleepy? You can fall asleep while using a tool or machine.

38 Can spills on the floor be a problem? Yes. It makes the floor slick.

39 Can loud noises damage your hearing, even if it is for a short time? Yes. Any loud noise will damage your hearing.

40 Where does safety start? With You!

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