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Wave at Jeopardy Sound 1Sound 2Sound 3Sound 4Sound 5 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Wave at Jeopardy Sound 1Sound 2Sound 3Sound 4Sound 5 10 20 30 40 50

2 The reason you can’t hear sound while in a vacuum It needs a medium

3 The speed of sound will change if you change its: Medium

4 When I crank up the volume on my radio I’m not only changing how loud my radio is, I’m also changing a sound wave’s Amplitude

5 The units of frequency Hertz (Hz)

6 When you listen to music, sound travels from the speaker by B. Sound waves transport energy not matter! A)Shooting out particles that travel from the speaker to your ear B)Transporting energy from the speaker to your ear C)Material being transferred from the speaker to your ear D)Clusters of air molecules being sent from the speaker to your ear

7 The property of sound waves that determines how loud the sound is? Amplitude

8 Which of the following waves would have the highest pitch sound? A

9 Through which of the following media does sound travel faster? a)Air b)A Brick wall c)Outer space b

10 The direction in which particles move on a longitudinal wave b a) particle wave particle wave b)c) particle wave particle wave d)

11 Why do you see lightening first and then later hear the thunder? Light waves travel faster than sound waves

12 Mr. Hubeny’s cousin Mr. Dude sings a low pitch note followed by a high pitch note. What property of waves is he changing? Frequency

13 Mr. Hubeny’s car is playing very loud music that has a lot of low bass sounds. How would you describe the amplitude and frequency of the sound waves coming from the speakers? Large amplitude (loud) and low frequency (low pitch) sound waves.

14 Which person (left or right) is hearing a lower pitch sound of the car? left

15 What is the term we use in science to describe an area of space that is empty (no matter, particles, air, etc.) Vacuum

16 Describe how the Doppler Effect works A moving source of sound will have an apparent shift in frequency, which changes the pitch of the sound you hear.

17 What type of waves are sound waves? Longitudinal waves

18 would you hear a higher or lower pitch sound as an ambulance with its siren on drives towards you? Higher pitch

19 Which can carry light waves but not sound waves? a)Air b)Steel c)Water d)vacuum d) Vacuum

20 The Doppler Effect An apparent change in frequency in sound emitted by a moving source is known as?

21 This figure shows the movement of a noisy car and the sound waves it produces, at which point would an observer hear the highest frequency? A

22 Mechanical waves Are sound waves classified as Mechanical or Electromagnetic waves?

23 What is another word for the material a sound wave is in? Medium

24 Sound travels fastest in solids Why would you hear a sound through a solid metal pipe first than in the air?

25 What could you do to change the speed of a sound wave? Change the medium or properties of the medium it is traveling in

26 Particles in solid closer together so easier for vibrations to pass energy along Explain why sound travels faster in solids than in liquids and gases?

27 Final Jeopardy!- What’s ya wager?


29 Why are sound waves classified as mechanical waves?



32 They require a medium (material) to travel


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