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School of Art and Design

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1 School of Art and Design

2 Fire Prevention Officer Urbana Fire Rescue
Steve Mitchell Fire Prevention Officer Urbana Fire Rescue

3 Campus Fire Protection is a combined effort..
UIUC Division of Environmental Health and Safety Urbana Fire Rescue Champaign Fire Department


5 Fire Stories???

6 Why take fire safety classes?
1 out of every 3 people in this room will have an experience with fire in their lifetime Over 4,000 people die each year from fires, over 27,000 are injured A small fire can grow very quickly Education gives you the training needed to make good choices

7 Challenge THINK ABOUT FIRE SAFETY EVERY DAY When you are starting a project, or working on a project, think about how your actions will affect your safety, and that of others!

8 Fire Prevention Concepts
Prevent Fires from Occurring In case a fire does occur: Make sure everyone can get out Separate the fire/smoke from the occupants

9 Fire Growth This video will show just how fast a fire can grow, how explosive a small fire can become, and how little time you have to react.

10 Planning ahead

11 Planning Ahead Know your work area Know where your exits are located
Know at least two ways out Know the location of fire extinguishers Know the location of fire alarm pull stations Keep your work area safe Have an escape plan!!

12 Prevent Fires

13 Fire Prevention Work safely!
Electrical Safety: Frayed and cracked cords, overloaded plugs and circuits, extension cord use. Do not block exits, fire extinguishers, fire alarms Fire Extinguishers should be mounted Keep combustibles from heat sources

14 Fire Prevention Store chemicals and flammable liquids properly
Practice good housekeeping Do not allow combustibles to accumulate Keep aisles clear Work safely with chemicals Know your emergency procedures

15 Fire Prevention Dragging in an old couch or chair to your work area may make it feel like home, but it will also add to the fire hazard. Unplug appliances when not in use, do not have heat producing appliances in work areas.

16 Use of open flame Gain approval from Department head
Have extinguisher present Keep away from combustibles Keep in approved containers Do not use candles unless approved for project use Use common sense, work smart, work safe!


18 In case of a fire, I’ll...

19 In case of a fire, I’ll... Notify occupants near the fire area.
Activate the fire alarm system (if time) Call, or have someone call 911(9+911). Get out, closing all doors between me and the fire. Meet the Fire Department.

20 If your clothes catch fire….
In case of fire…. If smoke builds rapidly, crawl low to stay out of the poisonous fumes. GET OUT If your clothes catch fire….

21 Stop Drop (cover face with hands) Roll

22 Questions?

23 Emergency Medical Services

24 Emergency Medical Services
911 dispatcher will ask a few questions so proper response can be dispatched - Emergency Medical Dispatch Response level determined Response for minor injuries will be an Ambulance only. Other injuries will respond both a Fire Unit and an Ambulance


26 Fire Types Class A -- Ordinary Combustibles
Class B -- Flammable Liquids Class C -- Electrical Know the types of extinguishers in your area and what type of fires they can be used for.

27 Fire Extinguishers Video

28 Extinguisher Operation
P = Pull the safety Pin A = Aim at the front and base of the fire S = Squeeze the handle S = Sweep across the base of the fire

29 Hands on Fire Extinguisher Training
Available after class

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