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2 OUTLINE AND SUMMARY All Major IBC Funding Categories doing well In 2012 Proposing $300k For 2013 Love Out Loud versus $260,000 In 2012 2013 Proposed Budget is ~1% Over 2012 Projected Receipts, ~6% Over 2012 Budget General Fund Missions Up $15k Consistent With 2013 Budget Increase Propose to add Middle School Minister and Full-Time Missions Minister 2013 Debt Service Constant In 2013; Debt Restructured In 2012 Property/Utilities Budget Down ~$12k Mostly From Lower Utilities Medical Insurance & Benefits Up $72k

3 3 OUTLINE/STATUS OF MAJOR IBC FINANCIAL CATEGORIES General Fund ($4.2M budget in 2012) +Adequate funding to meet personnel-related and ministry needs +Keeping pace with demands for utilities, maintenance, insurance etc. Love Out Loud Missions ($260,000 budget in 2012) +Good church participation in variety of activities +Close cooperation with Istrouma Sports as largest outreach of church Family Crisis Benevolence ($20,000-25,000 budget in 2012) +Continues to be a high quality program for members in need +Adequate funding without need for extra emphasis to church Capital Projects (budgeted as money becomes available) +Church approved a $2M investment in campus upgrades (iChurch) +$684,000 in account; Worship Center and Café Istrouma projects initiated

4 4 OVERVIEW OF 2013 LOVE OUT LOUD MISSIONS BUDGET Proposing $300,000 Budget in 2013 Versus $260,000 In 2012 SBC Missions Allocations$150,000 +Lottie Moon (65%), Annie Armstrong (20%), Georgia Barnett (15%) Local Missions Projects$50,500 +Increases to Fellowship Churches and ISO Outreach (+$9.5k) +Added disaster relief and local benevolence (from general fund) (+8.5k) +Total budget +$15k with other smaller changes North American Missions Projects$39,500 +Decrease San Francisco (-$13k) and increase North Carolina (+3.5k) +Add Native North American Mission (+2.5k) and Oregon church (+$5k) +Total budget down $2,000 International Missions Projects/Other$124,100 +Puerto Rico Sports (+$29k); India Mission Trip (+$5k); Missions Conf. (+10k) +Unreached Group (e.g. Mumbai) (+25k); Haiti House (+2.5k) +Total budget +$54k with lower “emerging” ministries and Africa (-$20k) Total Estimated Projects ~$360,000 Including Previous Year Carryover

5 5 IBC GENERAL FUND BLESSED WITH LONG-TERM GROWTH 25+ Year Growth Averages Around 7% Per Year Yearly Receipts To General Fund 2012 Estimate Linear Trend Line

6 6 PERSPECTIVE OF 2013 BUDGET VERSUS RECENT RESULTS 2013 Proposal is about 1% Increase Over Projected 2012 Receipts 2013 Budget Increase is 6% Over 2012 Anticipate ~$4M Expenditures In 2012 2013 Budget Proposal 2012 Receipts Estimate 4.4 4.45 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 200920102011201220132014 Year Millions of Dollars BudgetReceiptsExpenditures

7 7 STAFF-RELATED CHANGES MATCHED WITH BUDGET 2012 Changes: Increased Staffing In Facilities and Maintenance Areas Added Part-Time Minister for Deaf Ministry More volunteers, especially in Sports Ministry, but added more paid workers 2013 Proposals: Add Minister for Middle School Students +A goal for many years to separate high and middle school students +Simultaneous growth in student base and finances opens door Increase Missions Minister From Part-Time To Full-Time +Funded with returns from permanent reserve account

8 8 COMPARISON OF 2012 AND 2013 BUDGET SECTIONS Largest Changes Personnel Related More details on each area in subsequent pages 2012 = $4,200,000 2013 = $4,450,000 Ministry Missions Admin Property/Utilities Debt Service Personnel 9.16% 7.96% 5.84% 18.84% 18.33% 39.86% 8.84% 7.87% 5.44% 17.52% 17.30% 43.03%

9 9 MINISTRY AREA BUDGET UP $8,900 (2.3%) Area Consists Of Worship, Greeting, Media, Age Group Divisions, Sports Ministry, And Outside Support Areas Deaf Ministry Included (+$6,350 vs. $0 In 2012) Worship And Media Areas Up But Mostly Offset By Small Changes In Other Areas 2013 Ministry Budget = $393,600

10 10 MISSIONS AREA UP $15,600 (4.7%) Cooperative Program Budget +Includes contributions to NAMB and IMB +Set as percentage of overall budget +Does not include Love Out Loud contributions 2013 Missions Budget = $350,000

11 11 ADMINISTRATION BUDGET DOWN $3,059 (-1.3%) Area Consists Of Office Supplies, Kitchen Supplies, Computer Supplies, Web Site Fees, Printing, Postage and Senior Pastor Support Printing Costs Down (-$12,000) Due To Benefits Of New Contract Increases In Kitchen Supplies (+$2,000), Website For Social Marketing (+$1,500), Van Maintenance For Deaf Ministry (+$3,000), And Other Small Changes 2013 Admin Budget = $242,245

12 12 PROPERTY AND UTILITIES BUDGET DOWN $11,900 (-1.5%) Building Maintenance Budget Increased $10,000 +Primarily driven by 2012 HVAC experience Custodial Staff Budget Decreased -$13,800 +Based on 2012 experience and contractor/overtime use Utilities Estimate Down -$20,000 +Projecting natural gas/electricity prices will remain low Property Liability Insurance Up $8,000 Other Smaller Changes 2013 Property &Utilities Budget = $779,500

13 13 DEBT SERVICE BUDGET UNCHANGED Debt Service Budget Remains At $770k Debt Level Now Slightly Below $8M Debt Restructured with Variable and Fixed Loans +$6.46M fixed at 4.25%; $1.45M variable currently at 3.22% +Restructured as hedge against potential interest rate rise Continuing to Pay Extra Principle as Funds Available 2013 Debt Service Budget = $770,000

14 14 PERSONNEL BUDGET UP $240,455 (14.4%) Budget was down $60,000 In 2012 versus 2011 for Staff Changes and Restructure – Now Anticipate Full Staffing +Maintenance supervision now full time Minister to Deaf In Place After 2012 “Merger” New Middle School Minister Position Fully Funded Medical Insurance and Benefits Increased By $72,000 2013 Personnel Budget = $1,914,655

15 15 SUMMARY All Major IBC Funding Categories Doing Well In 2012 Proposing $300k for 2013 Love Out Loud versus $260,000 in 2012 2012 Projection and 2013 Budget Aligned with Historical Growth 2013 Budget Is ~1% Over 2012 Projection & ~6% Over 2012 Budget General Fund Missions Up $15k Consistent with 2013 Budget Increase Propose to Add Middle School Minister And Full-Time Missions Minister Debt Service Constant in 2013; Debt Restructured in 2012 Property/Utilities Budget Down ~$12k Mostly from Lower Utilities Medical Insurance & Benefits Up $72k


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