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Loud Lou Written and Illustrated by: Suah Cheong.

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1 Loud Lou Written and Illustrated by: Suah Cheong

2 Once there lived five little friends. Their names were Teddy, Elle, Blair, Anthony, and Lou.

3 They all lived on a fluffy white cloud.

4 Teddy was the softest of them all. He spent his time playing his cello in his ivory painted room.

5 Elle was very intelligent. She liked molding fluff-dough into numbers and adding and subtracting them.

6 Blair was the prettiest friend living on the fluffy cloud. She enjoyed doing art.

7 Anthony was the funniest friend. He made all of his friends laugh, even if they were very mad.

8 Lou was the loudest, most colorful, spunkiest, most enthusiastic, happiest, jumpiest, and most creative friend.

9 His dream was to become a star.

10 The friends played together when there was no work to do.

11 Their favorite thing to do together was playing a game they invented- Five Square.

12 Teddy, Elle, Blair, and Anthony were nice to each other and always followed the rules.

13 Lou was nice too. But…

14 He was selfish and did everything his way.

15 The other friends didn’t like how Lou acted, but they were still his friends and wanted to be nice to him.

16 One day, when they were playing Five Square, Lou decided that there were too many people playing the game.

17 He told everyone one person had to leave, because the game was now going to be called Four Square.

18 Then, Lou pushed Teddy away. Teddy got very sad. He walked to his house, looking down at his shoes.

19 Lou explained that Teddy was way too quiet for games.

20 Lou re-drew the Five Square game with chalk and made it into Four Square.

21 He looked at it and decided there were still too many people.

22 He shouted, “From now on, Four Square is going to be called Three Square.”

23 Lou pushed Elle away. Elle walked back to her house, looking down at her shoes.

24 Lou explained that Elle could do better things to spend her time, like invent a math machine.

25 He re-drew the Four Square game with chalk and made it into Three Square.

26 He looked at the Three Square game, and decided it still had too many people.

27 He told everyone that Three Square was going to be called Two Square from now on.

28 Lou pushed Blair away. Blair walked home, looking down at her shoes.

29 He shouted right in Anthony’s face, “Blair could mess up her pretty fur playing Three Square.”

30 He re-drew Three Square with his chalk, making it into Two Square.

31 Lou Stood back and examined Two Square.

32 But Anthony got right in front of Lou.

33 Anthony said confidently, “You don’t need to kick me out, I’m leaving.”

34 “I can’t believe you treated your friends like that, Lou.” And with that, Anthony left Lou and went to play with his other friends.

35 After Anthony walked off, Lou Made Two Square into one square.

36 He shouted to himself, “I like this! I can finally be the one and only star!”

37 But when he got ready to play, he realized there was no one to pass the bouncy ball to.

38 Uh oh. Lou didn’t have anyone to play with!

39 He walked over to his other friends, who were having lots of fun playing sharing their toys.

40 As he got ready to speak, his mind went blank. He suddenly became very nervous.

41 Teddy, Elle, Blair, and Anthony just looked at him.

42 Finally, Anthony motioned for Lou to play with them.

43 Lou slowly walked over to his friends and apologized.

44 “I’m sorry I was so rude. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I wanted to be the star so bad, that I pushed you guys away.”

45 “Will you forgive me?” asked Lou.

46 Teddy, Elle, Blair, and Anthony all hugged him.

47 “We forgive you Lou. Just promise that you wont forget about your friends.”

48 From then on, Lou followed the golden rule and respected his friends.

49 Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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