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Level F Unit 6 Study Guide and Assignments Your Task: Use your key to identify roots, prefixes, and suffixes Create ten sentences. You will be graded on.

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1 Level F Unit 6 Study Guide and Assignments Your Task: Use your key to identify roots, prefixes, and suffixes Create ten sentences. You will be graded on CREATING CONTEXT CLUES and appropriately identifying (2 definition, 2 synonym, 2 antonym, 2 example, 2 of your choice). You may do this on these pages.

2 anomalous  Feeling protective of my friend but knowing of his difficulties placed me in an _______ position.  Can you imagine anything as _____ as a successful drama coach who has never acted on the stage?  His conduct after his mother’s death was so _____ that I must conclude he was not in full possession of his faculties.

3 aspersion  Think twice before casting ______ on his honesty, for he may be telling the truth  I welcome honest criticism, but I deeply resented their _____ on my good faith.  By casting _____ on the ability and character of others, you reveal the misgivings you have about yourself.

4 bizarre  Years from now I will look at this picture and wonder what sort of _____ costume I was wearing.  Wearing _______ masks at Halloween is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.  Have you ever heard of anything so _______ as an experimental technique to test the intelligence of cows?!

5 brusque  His request for a large loan for an indefinite length of time was met with a ____ refusal.  Rude questions call for _____ answers, and mine is, “No!”.  What hurt my feelings was not so much his refusal to give me a job as the ______ way in which he told me he had nothing for me.

6 cajole  With a smile, a joke, and a second helping of pie, she would _____ him into doing what she wanted.  Resorting to rather farfetched promises, I finally ______ Tina into going to prom with me.  He’s so tight with his money that it’s just about impossible to ______ a nickel out of him, no matter how worthy the cause.

7 castigate  After he ______ the unruly children, they settled down and studied quietly.  Since he had always been quiet, we were amazed when he stood up at the meeting and _____ the chairperson for failing to give everyone a chance to speak.  In Gulliver’s Travels and other writings, Jonathan Swift______ the human race for its follies and wickedness.

8 contrive  She can ____ wonderful excuses, but when she tries to offer them, her uneasiness gives her away.  I find it hard to understand how they were able to _____ such an elaborately underhanded scheme in such a short amount of time.  I cannot understand how she was able to _____ a meeting between two people who refused to have anything to do with each other.

9 demagogue  Often a show of angry concern conceals the self-serving tactics of a _________.  The speaker’s blatant appeal to the emotions of the crowd smacked more of the ______ than the true leader of the people.  A favorite ploy of the _____ is to appoint a convenient scapegoat upon whom a misguided populace can vent its anger.

10 disabuse  He thinks that all women adore him, but my sister will probably ______ him of that idea.  At the very outset of the term, I urged you to ______ yourself of the idea that you can pass the course without regular hard work.  Although she is well into middle age, my aunt Sally seems unable to ______ herself of the idea that she is still a teenager.

11 ennui  Some people seem to confuse sophistication with _________.  His endless talk about himself and his interests is truly unexcelled for producing ______ in others.  With the innumerable activities open to a young person like you, I can’t understand why you should suffer from ______.

12 fetter  The old phrase “chain gang” refers to prisoners made to work, each joined to the next by linked ________.  The Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln once and for all broke the _____ that bound southern blacks to a life of servitude and humiliation.  The President complained that government bureaucracy was hopping his programs with _______ of red tape.

13 heinous  A town so peaceful, quiet, and law-abiding was bound to be horrified by so _________ a crime.  Is there any other crime in history as ______ as the attempt of the Nazis to annihilate the ‘so called’ inferior racial groups?  For ancient Romans, fleeing from the battlefield was the most _______ act of cowardice a soldier could commit.

14 immutable  Scientists labored to discover a set of ______ laws to the universe.  The one fact about nature that seems completely ______ is that everything is subject to change.  The institutions of our society, far from being ___________, are in the process of change at this very moment.

15 insurgent  George Washington and his contemporaries were _______ against Britain.  Although the _______ were defeated by the government’s forces, a small group escaped into the mountains, where they kept the spirit of the rebellion alive.  An _______ group at the convention refused to accept the choices of the regular party leaders.

16 megalomania  Sudden fame and admiration can make people feel unworthy—or it can bring feelings of ___________.  His conceit is so great and so immune to the lessons of experience that this must be considered a kind of ________.  Her opinion of her own importance is so grotesquely exaggerated that we have come to regard her as a _____________.

17 sinecure  The office of Vice President of the United States was once considered little more than a _______.  Anyone who refers to my job as ______ should spend just one day in my place!  Although her new position bore a high- sounding title, it was really little more than ______.

18 surreptitious  The movie heroine blushed when she noticed a _______ glances of her admirer.  The _____ way in which they planned the undertaking shows that they were aware of its illegal character.  I, as they now claim, they were not aware of the illegal character of their undertaking, why did they plan it so _________?

19 transgress  The penitent citizens promised to never again ______ the laws of the land.  In his determination to be blunt and honest, he has ________ the limits of good taste.  He may have kept within the letter of the law, but there is no doubt that he has __________ the accepted moral code.

20 transmute  To _____ distrust into friendship along that wor- torn border will take more than wise polititiams and just laws.  The alchemists of the Middle Ages, who were both skilled magicians and primitive chemists, hoped to _______ base metals into gold.  The task of education, said the speaker, is to ____ the primitive selfishness of the child into socially useful modes of behavior.

21 vicarious  In search of _______ excitement, we watched movies of action and adventure.  Although most of us lead a quiet, humdrum sort of life, we can all get a _________ thrill from the achievements of our astronauts.  Her description of the Western frontier was so vivid that I seemed to be _______ experiencing the realities of pioneer life.

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