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SCOPE! Simple Review For Your Reference If Needed.

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1 SCOPE! Simple Review For Your Reference If Needed

2 Significance of Scope Must be addressed in early stages of project; can be difficult to do Often many stakeholders have input that needs to be considered and managed. Consensus must occur surrounding the boundaries of the project

3 Scope Must be defined and approved PM assures all understand its aspects and agree on final deliverables. Scope management starts with the scope statement. Where do we find that in a formal project? Answer: Within the project charter!

4 More on Scope We as PMs take the scope statement -- and work with it to decide what documents are needed to meet functional requirements. Our documents define what is needed in the project. Remember also -stakeholders’ expertise, resources and advice only goes so far. You need to capture data -knowledge -information through documentation.

5 PM Skill Worth Developing It takes finesse to get true requirements from stakeholders who aren’t always sure what they really want. Be a good communicator and ask lots of questions. Document as attorneys do.

6 Scope Planning (project scope management plan) Scope Definition (project scope statement) Create WBS (who does what, when) WBS dictionary + WBS permits scope verification+ scope control throughout the project Input Processes on a Page

7 Remember Project scope management includes processes that ensure the project includes all and only the required work.

8 Understand WBS decomposes the work into manageable pieces the preliminary project scope statement & project charter  are inputs to the scope definition processes. The main output item is

9 Understand… What Scope Creep is! Signifies lack of control. Project scope mgt. plan is an input to all the processes of the scope mgt. *process*, except the scope planning process, which creates the scope mgt. plan. Be a good critical thinker on exams. Each process in the scope management knowledge area is used at least once in each project.

10 Know for Exam The scope baseline consists of the approved project scope statement, WBS and WBS dictionary. The units of quantifiable value in a project are also called the metrics. “Work packages” = (What and where are they?) lowest level of WBS hierarchy  activities to be cost-estimated, scheduled, monitored, and controlled.

11 Rolling Wave Planning Be aware of the term… Just remember it’s a methodology used when all info is not available at the outset of a project. Activities increase as new info comes in.

12 Discuss initial hypotheses to test as soon as possible. Some client executives don't like to be surprised by transformational ideas or assumptions in the final recommendations meeting with their peers. Gain an understanding of executive response early in the project. Metrics – as many as possible; look for quantifiable data; research; evidence SCOPE MANAGEMENT SURVIVAL SUMMARY – How to Do IT!

13 Scope Outline the tasks and deliverables that are and are not covered in the project scope, in order to set client expectations. Sometimes the client will choose- before the project begins - to expand the scope after the out-of- scope issues are communicated. Clarify the format of the deliverables.

14 Scope --Make sure that the client knows the format of the various deliverables so that they don't have unrealistic expectations about the level of detail. --Also, make certain that the client has realistic expectations regarding your participation in training and follow-up meetings ….as well as --How many iterations of a project you will complete before requiring a scope change order — especially in the case of fixed-price contracts.

15 Have the client sign off on a scope document at the beginning of a project. Be careful not to make this process so formal as to put off the client. (More politics. You need to always keep them in mind for the sake of career survival. On the other hand you need to protect your interests.) Consistently review the original scope as you work through various milestone meetings during the course of the project.

16 Which of the following is NOT true about the project scope statement? a.It describes in detail the project deliverables and the work required to create those deliverables. b.It helps in developing a common understanding about the project scope among the project stakeholders. c.It is an output of scope planning. d.It helps the project team to perform more detailed planning. Answer: D

17 Which of the following is not a component of the project scope baseline? a.The project scope statement b.The WBS c.The project charter d.The WBS dictionary Answer: C

18 Which of the following is an input to the scope definition process? a.The WBS b.The detailed project scope statement c.The preliminary project scope statement d.The project schedule Answer: C

19 Which of the following is NOT a tool used in creating the project scope statement? a.Decomposition b.Stakeholder analysis c.Expert judgment d.Product analysis Answer A.

20 Let’s See How You Do on a CAPM Simulation Exam Show What You Know Write down your answers privately to track your own progress.

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