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PLAYER VIOLENCE DIRECTED AGAINST REFEREES. This goes way beyond what we’re talking about today Brazil police detain man for beheading soccer referee (Sports.

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2 This goes way beyond what we’re talking about today Brazil police detain man for beheading soccer referee (Sports Illustrated online, 7/8/2013) BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- Police in rural Brazil have detained one man and were seeking two others in the slaying of a soccer referee who was killed, dismembered and decapitated by spectators after he stabbed a player to death mid-match, a police official said Monday.

3 This one is a bit extreme as well Six Dutch teenagers convicted for manslaughter after beating referee to death (December 2012) Richard Nieuwenhuizen, 41, died last November following a beating he had taken during after a U-17 match between Buitenboys and Nieuw Sloten.... Following the match the players shook hands with the three volunteer officials, before Mr. Nieuwenhuizen was knocked to the ground by several members of the Nieuw- Sloten team. Nieuwenhuizen was punched and kicked in the head before parents intervened. Nieuwenhuizen got up but was knocked back to the ground a second time. All of this happened in front of Nieuwenhuizen’s 15 year old son Mykel, who was playing in the match for Buitenboys. beating-referee-to-death/

4 However, this one did happen in the US this past summer Referee punched by soccer player in Livonia is declared dead Soccer was a passion for 44-year-old John Bieniewicz, who lived and loved the game. The married father of two sons was refereeing a match on Sunday when authorities said a 36-year-old player punched him in the head, knocking him unconscious. Doctors declared Bieniewicz of Westland brain dead Tuesday, but he is being kept on a ventilator until his organs can be harvested and donated through Gift of Life, said James Acho, Bieniewicz’s friend of 30 years. (Detroit Free Press online, 7/2/2014) – Livonia is a Detroit suburb

5 Note the yellow card in the referee’s right hand and the red card in his left hand.

6 And this happened in 2013 A Whistle, a Punch, and a Soccer Referee Is Dead A little more than a week after a 17-year-old soccer player punched a recreation-league referee in the head in suburban Salt Lake City, the referee is dead, the player faces charges, and youth sports are left with questions about the seeming rise in severity of assaults on officials. Ricardo Portillo, the 46-year-old referee, is only the second official in the United States known to have died as a result of referee assault, according to the National Association of Sports Officials. But Barry Mano, the organization’s president, said that many serious assaults went unreported, and Portillo’s eldest daughter, Johana, said her father had been assaulted before, sustaining broken ribs in another on-field attack about five years ago. (New York Times online, 5/7/2013)

7 Ricardo Portillo, shown with ball, was a 46-year-old soccer referee who died after a teenage player punched him during a game.

8 The one in Utah was in an unaffiliated youth game so that’s not us, right?

9 But the one in Michigan was in an affiliated men’s over-30 game, and that is us

10 So what should we be doing? OASA, via the Discipline and Appeals Committee, always tries to deal strongly with referee assault and abuse OASA will be sending out information and guidance to players via email blasts, starting with the one sent on 7/9/2014 We’re definitely open to new ideas and content

11 What should leagues be doing? Let players know that referee assault and abuse will not be tolerated by your league Punish problem players for things just short of referee assault and abuse Deal with problem teams up to and including getting rid of them Discuss this annually at your managers meetings

12 Here are Some Things You Can Present and Discuss with Team Managers

13 Manage Your Teammates You know which ones have short fuses and which ones blame referees for everything known to man. When you see your hothead teammate heading for a referee, intercept him or her.

14 Don’t Get Too Close If you approach a referee before, during or after a game, don’t get up into his or her face. That may freak the ref and lead to you being accused of something unintended.

15 But I Got the Ball Learn some of the basics under the Laws of the Game, especially those likely to set off your teammates when the referee calls fouls on them. A prime example: Getting the ball first does not make a tackle legal. Not getting the ball first does make the tackle illegal. Getting the ball first but following through with the rest of the body in a careless or reckless manner or using excessive force does make the tackle illegal. “Getting the ball” cannot be used as an excuse for committing a tackle which is out of control. US Soccer Referee Department (8/5/2011)

16 Don’t Act in a Threatening Manner Racing toward the referee or assistant referee, yelling loudly or abusively, waving your arms, etc. will not get you the result you want and may lead to the ref overreacting and you ending up in the ref’s report.

17 Talk Politely If you really want an explanation of a call or no call, which, by the way, the referee is not required to provide, you are much more likely to get that explanation if you ask politely and when the ref has time to talk, like while the ball is out of play, at half time or after the game.

18 If, after your game, you still think that the referee was “bad”, contact the league which assigned the ref Physically confronting the official on the playing field is NEVER the right answer. If you have concerns about an official’s ability to manage the game, you should contact your league. The league is responsible for ensuring that the referees they hire are equal to the level of competition to which they are assigned.

19 Addition by Subtraction Patrick Duffy, Oregon SRA The real key, IMHO, is that leagues are willing to actually tell the whack jobs that they aren’t welcome anymore, before they assault a referee or an opponent. These guys, and there aren’t very many of them, consciously or unconsciously, usually keep their eruptions just below the league’s limits for persistent misconduct. The truth is that if the leagues would get these guys out of their leagues, life would be better for, not just the referees, but also the other 99.99% of players in the leagues. Or, even more succinctly, it isn’t just referees who get assaulted.

20 The Bottom Line Bob Sawtell, Former Canadian FIFA Referee and MLS Referee Assessor Team Managers are the key to a lot of ways out of these situations, so addressing it with them annually IMO is not enough. Is there a fine if the Team Manager does not attend the annual managers meeting? What level of accountability is placed on the Team Manager? A good Team Manager has the team under control from the outset. The Team Manager should arrive early at the venue and provide the pre-match channel of communication with the referees. Where you see teams arriving close to kick off, scrambling to prepare a team roster, struggling to get the nets up, the referees often are perceived as an annoyance. Not a great start. An active Team Manager, especially in an unlimited substitution game, can control players who are having a “tough day” from taking it out on opponents or referees.

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