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Stephen Noble Head of Workplace Giving

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1 Stephen Noble Head of Workplace Giving
& Corporate Support James Waring Senior Planner, Listen

2 What do you need? Initially, two things: Clear, measurable objectives

3 OK, what data!? Quality and quantity:
Your individual donor records must have either employee/ payroll or NI number But you don’t necessarily need to have telephone numbers… In order to obtain statistically significant results, you need at least approx 1,250 records with phone numbers at outset.

4 The calling: who and what?
You need a telemarketing specialist: You may already work with one You may even already have an appropriate, compelling script… But even then, consider your [payroll donor] audience – the script may need adapting A good TM agency will do this for – and importantly, with – you.

5 Implementing those lovely pledges, part I
Payroll Giving’s a little more complex: Verbal pledges need converting Only one specialist: WPGUK They liaise with employers to ensure increases are implemented Pre-calling, they can also ‘clean’ your data.

6 Implementing those lovely pledges, part II
Other considerations: Pay attention to each agency’s data specifications to save time Each agency will need your charity letterhead for confirmation letters When confirming agreed increases, refer to “by”, not “to” Start dates are dictated by payroll, as are frequencies.

7 What results can you expect? 30%!?
An initial response rate of 30-35% appears typical An average increase £35-£50/year The ultimate conversion will probably be 80-90% of pledges Comparable to attrition on standard DD upgrade c. 5-10%. Good idea to measure complaints DD should hit 40% but more objections to upgrade with PG.

8 The checklist. You need to:
Have clear, measurable objectives Select 3,500+ payroll donor records with employee or NI number Select a telemarketing agency A compelling script that brings your cause to life and which you may need to adjust for your payroll audience The proposition and script need urgency and tangibility Append telephone numbers if you don’t already have them Remove employers who won’t upgrade (not essential) Consider how you will implement the verbal pledges – WPGUK is your best and possibly, only, bet Pay attention to each party’s data specifications Send your letterhead to both agencies Use the language of “by” not “to” when confirming increases agreed over the phone Measure the ultimate conversion as well as the initial response Have a process for dealing with any complaints Import successful upgrades on to your database.

9 Thank you for istening! Any questions?
Stephen: James:

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