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HW check I.N. p 9, Task 5 Explain the following phrases:

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1 HW check I.N. p 9, Task 5 Explain the following phrases:
Think about the times during a negotiation when you wished you could retract a concession... (when you acknowledge or admit a point claimed in argument) The promise of teams can elude us. (We can fail to achieve what seems easily possible.) Which of the situations listed on p 9 (When to use a team) do you find the most relevant for team-work? WORDS LIST (propose 5 terms we’ll do our best to use a lot today)

2 I.N., p 11 – Relationship building
Task 10 - check How long has it been now? How are you keeping? You’re looking very well. What have you been up to? Weren’t you moving house? Haven’t you just come back from holidays? Do you get to play much golf these days? Didn’t I hear you were being promoted? How are you settling in to the new job? How did that deal with BMW go in the end? I.N., p 83: Practice catching up (use phrases above) In groups of 3 (one student monitors the conversation)

3 People who are like each other, like each other
People who are like each other, like each other. Chinese proverb ↓ build rapport (find something that connects you) talk about anything except... the subject of negotiations DISCUSS IN TEAMS What would you talk about with somebody you do not know well? Things in common? Topics to avoid? 2 , pls. → note down on the board

4 Safe topics Topics to avoid the weather food sport interests places you know “talking shop” global economy families (in Arab countries and generally – private info) local economy (politics) the news (politics) sex (taboo) religion (taboo) Potentially sensitive subjects: local customs traditions conflicts

5 Can you remember what they said?
Listening: conferences colleagues languages 3 wine 7 sport education cities 4 names 8 Can you remember what they said? Work with a partner. Can you think of some rules for building rapport with business contacts? → Task 5: Read the text on p 13 and complete the missing expressions. (you heard them in ) 1 I believe you’re opening a new plant in Poland. Didn’t I read somewhere that you’re decentralising? 2 So you obviously speak French, Dr Martinelli. You must have worked with Professor Nerval. 3 Is this your first time in Brazil? Did you get to see much of ... Tell me, are you interested in football at all?

6 4 Oh, really. Is that so. Oh, I see. What a shame. That’s interesting
4 Oh, really? Is that so? Oh, I see! What a shame! That’s interesting! Oh, that’s a pity! That’s a coincidence. Small world! 5 Let me introduce you to the rest of the team. I’d like you to meet my colleague... Have you tried caipirinha... Let me refresh your glass. We must make sure you see something of Rio. In that case, I’ll see what we can arrange. 6 Delighted to meet you at last. I’ve heard a lot about you. 7 This is Dr Elise Fleurie. She’ll be leading the negotiations for Groupe Laconte. Actually, I was in Brasilia a few years ago – for the engineering conference.

7 HW: → Task 6: Practise building rapport with the representative of another company with whom you are about to negotiate. Decide who is the host and who is the visitor. → Check your objectives on p 13, task 6. → Turn to page 84 to prepare your conversation. Next time: role-playing Task 6

8 3 Establishing a procedure I.N. p 14
We cannot negotiate with those who say “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.” John F. Kennedy How important is it to make the objectives clear to both sides at the outset? Tasks 3 – 6

9 Task 4 check HW: Tasks 7 – 9 Preliminary meeting with Edelman GmbH
DRAFT AGENDA Meeting objective To agree terms of a licensing agreement between Edelman (licensor) and GreenWay (licensee) for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of plant growth enhancer Nutrizyme.. Discussion points 1 Outline of respective positions ( ) mutual benefits of the initiative long-term goals fit between the two companies Question of global Coffee exclusivity 2 Details of the agreement (11.30 – 13.00) scope of the licence territories in which the licence applies term of the licence Remmuneration Lunch method: lump sum or staged payment?

10 Course assessment elements
Attendance (obligatory) Participation Progress tests (week 6, after week 10) or written comprehensive exam vocabulary, phrases, explaining concepts, strategies Oral exam: a simulated negotiation or parts of it (2 - 4 participants) (using given vocabulary and/or phrases)

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