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به نام خدا. معرفی داروهای جدید و قدیم در زنان M.D. O.B. & Gyn. Shahin Golshah.

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Presentation on theme: "به نام خدا. معرفی داروهای جدید و قدیم در زنان M.D. O.B. & Gyn. Shahin Golshah."— Presentation transcript:

1 به نام خدا

2 معرفی داروهای جدید و قدیم در زنان M.D. O.B. & Gyn. Shahin Golshah


4 Estrone Estrodiol Estriol

5 Estrogen

6 Progestrone Process


8 Drospirenone

9 Contraceptive Patch Hormones embedded in adhesive layer of the patch Composition: EE/norelgestromin OB/GYN News, 2002 Applied: abdomen, buttocks, arm Launched: June 2002 Use 3wks plus 1 patch free wk Efficacy: 5 preg/5,240 cycles Mech, indications & side effects: similar to OCPs Not effective women >180 lbs

10 Norelgestromin

11 Cyproterone Compound (Anti Androgenic Progestin)

12 Combination Oral Contraceptive Pills Treatment Regimen ◦ 21 hormone days ◦ 7 hormone free days

13 Oral Contraceptives Available in the US




17 Product NameManufacurerTypeDose µg/days TypeDose mg/days Ovustop-L ایران هورمون E.E. 30Levonorgestrel0.15 Contraceptive HD ایران هورمون E.E. 50Levonorgestrel0.25 Contrasmine ایران هورمون E.E. 30Drospirenone3 Desoptive ایران هورمون E.E. 30Desogestrel0.15 Rokin ابوریحان E.E. 30Drospirenone3 Cyproteron Compound ابوریحان E.E. 35Cyproterone Acetate2 DianBayerE.E. 35Cyrpoterone Acetate2 MarvelonOrganonE.E. 30Desogestrel0.15 YazBayerE.E. 20Drospirenone3 YasminBayerE.E. 30Drospirenone3 EstrogenProgestin

18 Diphereline 3.75mg S.R. 1. NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Diphereline 3,75mg S.R. powder and solvent for suspension for injection, sustained release form. INN: triptorelin 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION. PHARMACEUTICAL FORM. Powder (triptorelin, D,L lactide-coglycolide polymer, mannitol, Carmellose sodium, Polysorbate ) and solvent (water, mannitol) for suspension for injection (i.m.), sustained release form.

19 3. CLINICAL PARTICULARS 3.1. Therapeutic indications Prostate cancer. Treatment of the prostate cancer with metastases. Patients who have not previously received hormone therapy respond better to Diphereline. Precocious puberty ( before 8 years in girls and 10 years in boys ). Genital and extra genital endometriosis (stage I to IV ) Female infertility Supplementary treatment in combination with gonadotrophin to induce ovulation with a view to in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer (I.V.F.E.T.). Myoma

20 - from the outset, one i.m. injection of Diphereline 3.75 mg S.R., repeated every 28 days. Precocious puberty: Children weighing more than 20 kg Endometriosis The treatment must be started in the first five days of menstrual cycle.

21 One i.m. injection of Diphereline 3.75 mg S.R. on the second day of the cycle. Gonadotropins should be started after the pituitary desensitisation ( plasma estrogens less than 50 pg/ml ), generally 15 days after injection of Diphereline Contraindications : Should never be used during pregnancy.

22 Female infertility Warnings and precautions: the follicular retrieval may increase markedly in some predisposed patients and particularly in those with polycystic ovarian disease. 4. PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Triptorelin is a synthetic decapeptide analogue of natural GnRH

23 با تشکر از توجه شما

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