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Winning at MACE 2012 in ADVERTISING or FILM & MEDIA.

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1 Winning at MACE 2012 in ADVERTISING or FILM & MEDIA

2 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 1 Your MOTIVATION 1.Describe the challenge in full. 2.What is the impact of the challenge on your institution? 3.Provide sound reasoning why THIS CHALLENGE was tackled (example it ranks as a TOP 3 or TOP 5 Marketing Priority).

3 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 2 Your TARGET AUDIENCE 1.You know your audience better than anyone. 2.Make sure you convey as MUCH DETAIL as possible here. 3.The more detail you provide the easier it is to judge the choices made wrt Methods and Strategies, Effectiveness, Results etc. 4.Numbers are KEY. How manyy people? Where are they? What is their background? What is their need? Etc.

4 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 3 Your OBJECTIVES S = Specific M = Measurable. A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Time based / Trackable “Between 1 and 31 May 2012 our new undergrad campaign needs to deliver at least 20 000 fully completed applications for admission that can be realistically tracked to the campaign.” Set your objective BEFORE the campaign. Not afterwards.

5 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 4 Your Methods / Strategies 1.Share HOW you arrived at the solution and not only the solution. 2.What resources did you tap? What research was used to decide on the final strategy? The more facts back up your strategy the better. 3.Address Media Strategy, Creative Strategy etc. 4.Media Strategy: Which medium works best to reach your described target market / prove it.

6 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 5 Your Effectiveness Wrt Budget, Time & Resources Your strategy needs to fit your budget, resources and time. There is no use spending R 100 000 on Production and R 20 000 on Media (The tail is wagging the dog). Frequency in message exposure = KEY.

7 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 6 Your RESULTS Put your results up against your objectives and address point by point what you achieved with hard facts. “We got some great feedback” is not a substantial indication of success. vs “We achieved a 120% increase in applications between 2011 and 2012.”

8 A Generic Checklist for YOUR ENTRY 7 Work Samples Covered separately under Advertising & Film & Video Sections.


10 Advertising | Keep in Mind Effectiveness = KING What works vs “That’s nice...”. Decision making driven by what is effective and proven to be so. Experience? What delivers the best results?

11 Does this work ?

12 Advertising | Keep in Mind Experiment & OPTIMISE Same Mediums. Same Days. But ad A delivers 4 TIMES THE RESULTS of ad B. What can you tweak in your media strategy / creative strategy to optimise results? Nothing is 100% from the outset. We don’t expect perfection. We expect illustration of continuous fine tuning to optimise. 4 vs 1

13 Advertising | Keep in Mind X Pollination Are your mediums pushing to each other? Does your print ad contain links to your Social Media?

14 Advertising | Keep in Mind Ease of Conversation We live in the short attention span economy. How are you adapting your processes to cater for this and ensure less leads get lost?

15 Advertising | Keep in Mind CONSISTENCY = KEY Ensure message consistency across mediums as it creates a BIGGER NET RESULT than a fragmented approach.

16 Advertising | Keep in Mind POD’s Points of Difference. Do you have enough in your advertising? THE TEST is – If I replace your logo with someone else’s will the consumer know the ad is not right?

17 Advertising | Keep in Mind Your Brand Ambassadors Each of you probably have a minimum of 10 000 Brand Ambassadors that have already been CONVINCED of the merits of your OFFER. Considering including your CURRENT STUDENTS / STAFF when you spread your advertising message. You can do this very cost effectively through internal email communication. They WILL send it on and spread your message.

18 Advertising | Keep in Mind Work Samples Judged on best STRATEGIC Creative Fit.


20 Consider your Audience Who is going to be the end viewer? Your end product must fit with the mindset of your end consumer ito music, visuals, pace etc. FILM & VIDEO

21 Length In general shorter is better. Constantly ask the question – is it critical to include that item? If YES, then spice it up visually to keep viewer interest. FILM & VIDEO

22 Graphics Visually Interesting use of Graphics enables the most BORING subject to be come interesting. Graphics can tell a very compelling story – especially when mixed with shot footage! FILM & VIDEO

23 Budget The Winners = not the ones with the BIGGEST BUDGET. FILM & VIDEO

24 Distribution Consider how you distribute your final product. YOUTUBE enables quick uploads and massive potential instant reach. Consider using your other media tools to push to view – your internal communication, newsletters etc. Consider versus traditional DVD delivery etc. FILM & VIDEO

25 Thank you for your time.

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