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Mamie Dupre Bess Luker Alicia Estrada Ryan Dupriest Taylor Watts.

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1 Mamie Dupre Bess Luker Alicia Estrada Ryan Dupriest Taylor Watts

2  Each turn of the flywheel builds upon work done earlier  “What was the one big push that caused this thing to go so fast?” ◦ An accumulation of effort

3  There was no one single defining action  Good-to-great comes about by a cumulative process  Media does not cover a company until after transformation  Circuit City ◦ First national article on August 27, 1984 ◦ After transition-97 articles  What’s so Important? ◦ Outside vs. Inside  There was no miracle moment!

4  UCLA Bruins Basketball ◦ 1960s and early 1970s ◦ Won ten NCAA Championships in twelve years ◦ A sixty-one-game winning streak, under Coach John Wooden  Before Wooden’s first NCAA Championship ◦ Coached 15 years ◦ From 1948-1963, 1964

5  Circuit City ◦ Nine years  Nucor ◦ Ten years  Gillette ◦ Five years  Fannie Mae ◦ Three years  Pitney Bowes ◦ Two years

6  Same basic pattern ◦ Accumulating momentum ◦ Turn by turn of the fly wheel ◦ Until buildup transformed into breakthrough

7  Following the buildup-breakthrough flywheel model is not just a luxury of circumstance  The key ◦ To harness the flywheel to manage short-term pressures

8  The simple truth: ◦ Tremendous power exists in the fact of continued improvement and the delivery of results ◦ ADD THE CHART TO THIS SLIDE…IF IT FITS!

9  “The one about commitment, alignment, and how they managed change”  Want to be consistent across the interviews. ◦ We’ve got to understand how they overcome resistance to change and got people lined up.  They expected “creating alignment” would be one of the top challenges faced by executives  They did not find the question of alignment to be a key challenge

10  Good-to-great companies tended not to publicly proclaim big goals at the outset  They began to spin the flywheel ◦ Understanding action ◦ Step after step ◦ Turn after turn  After the flywheel built up momentum ◦ “There’s no reason we can’t accomplish X”

11  Began turning the flywheel in 1965  Discovered they had a knack for making steel better and cheaper ◦ Built more mini-mills ◦ Gained customers  Took over two decades, but Nucor generated greater profits than any other steel company on the Fortune 1000 list

12  When you let the flywheel do the talking, you don’t need to fervently communicate your goals  As people decide among themselves to turn the fact of potential into the fact of results, the goals almost sets itself

13  The comparison companies start in one direction and then go in a complete direction  After back and forth the comparison companies would fail to build sustained momentum and fell into the doom loop


15  Good-to-Great Companies: used acquisition as an accelerator of the flywheel momentum not as the creator  Comparison Companies: tried to jump right to breakthrough with acquisition ◦ Never learned while you can buy your way to growth you cannot buy your way to greatness

16  New leaders would stop the motion the company was already headed in ◦ Harris Corporation, applied many of the greatness concepts in the early 1960’s ◦ 1978 Joseph Boyd became CEO ◦ Boyd moved head quarters to Melbourne, Florida from Cleveland

17  It is only through consistency over time, through multiple generations  Every factor work together to create the pattern  Each component produces and push on the flywheel  Starts with level 5 leaders  Example right people right seat

18  Follow a pattern of buildup leading to breakthrough  Confront the brutal facts  Attain consistency with a clear Hedgehog Concept  Follow the pattern of disciplined people  Harness appropriate technologies to your Hedgehog Concepts  Make major acquisitions after breakthrough  Spend little energy trying to motivate or align people  Maintain consistency over time

19  Skip build up and jump right to breakthrough  Embrace fads and engage in management hoopla  Demonstrate chronic inconsistency  Jump right to action  Run about like Chicken Little in reaction to technology  Make major acquisitions before breakthrough  Spend a lot of energy trying to align and motivated people  Demostrate inconsistency over time

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