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SMART Summit 2013 1 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys – a decade later Karl Frenz Account Manager 1.

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1 SMART Summit 2013 1 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys – a decade later Karl Frenz Account Manager 1

2 SMART Summit 2013 2 Agenda Metalloys site - background Key contributors to success Product Client contributions Vendor contributions Communication and teamwork The road ahead

3 SMART Summit 2013 3 Samancor Metalloys Samancor Manganese is the world’s largest integrated producer of manganese. 60 per cent owned and operated by BHP Billiton. Metalloys is located near Meyerton It has four electric furnaces, three of which are amongst the largest in the world. Metalloys produces high-carbon and medium-carbon ferromanganese. Manganese ore comes from Hozatel Manganese Mines (Wessels and Mamatwan).

4 SMART Summit 2013 4 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys Samancor Metalloys - one of ApplyIT’s first IntelliPERMIT clients. Implementation Project West Plant: IntelliPERMIT project kickoff - 4 October 2004, go-live - 24 November 2004. First week of operation - some 350 permits by 130 contractors and employees. North and South Plants: completed by July 2005. Materials Handling, Engineering Services, Labs, SHEQ, Admin: completed by September 2005. Now, 9 years later, the stats are as follows: 300,000 permits, 3 million electronic signatures 9000 unique users over this period.

5 SMART Summit 2013 5 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys 10 Units, 420 Areas Responsibilities of System Administrators About 10 administrators Manage users and contractors, manage competencies, train end users, make configuration changes, etc Responsibilities of dedicated Permit Issuers At least 8 dedicated issuers Initiate permits, apply/confirm lock-outs/isolations, manage the permit life cycle, add users, allocate competencies Multiple permit issue stations to manage volume of transactions Plan to fully implement isolation procedure management, started at West Plant, waiting for upgrade

6 SMART Summit 2013 6 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys

7 SMART Summit 2013 7 IntelliPERMIT at Metalloys BHP Billiton has an excellent safety record Implementation received a BHP Billiton award in 2005 In recent audit, recommended as “benchmark for PTW” Considered to be mission-critical at Metalloys “The core of our Risk Control program” – Hannelie Jordaan

8 SMART Summit 2013 8 Key contributors to long term success Product Client contributions Vendor contributions Communication and team work

9 SMART Summit 2013 9 Product A product that properly addresses the client’s business needs A user-friendly, easy to use system Ability/flexibility to incorporate new client requirements - continuous improvement Biometrics introduced for the first time – passwords not secure enough

10 SMART Summit 2013 10 Client contributions A safety culture Top management commitment from outset Middle management buy-in Motivated super-users A team approach Properly documented SOP’s/business rules External inputs (regular audits by peer organisations)

11 SMART Summit 2013 11 Vendor contributions A successful initial implementation Focus on long term, mutually beneficial relationships A solid support model Properly functioning Help desk Regular health checks – business and technical focus On-going training/coaching Committed, knowledgeable support consultants

12 SMART Summit 2013 12 Communication and Teamwork Relationships are key, we work with people Formal communication important Forums Account management Help-desk Informal communication – do not under-estimate A team effort – no “us and them”

13 SMART Summit 2013 13 The Road Ahead IntelliPERMIT approved for BHP Billiton 1Desktop, subject to final client testing Continue providing world class software Cannot ever rest on our laurels Incorporate appropriate technologies into product offering (cloud, mobile, etc) Listen to clients Never take clients for granted! Continue supporting to best of our ability Improve software, implementation methodologies, training and support

14 SMART Summit 2013 14 Acknowledgements Thanks to ( at least) the following people: Phillip Hechter Steynberg Janse van Rensburg Renier Henning Andries Smith Hannelie Jordaan Scott Bredin Dr Tim Wickins Shannon Wiesinger

15 SMART Summit 2013 15 Thank you! Questions ? Karl Frenz 083 567 7270 Karl Frenz 083 567 7270 15

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