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AMY ‘S ICE CREAM Mohd Nasarudin Bin Sharudin

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1 AMY ‘S ICE CREAM Mohd Nasarudin Bin Sharudin 2011128133
Mohd Joharie Bin Mukhtar Azwan Bin Abu Bakar Mohd Fadhel Bin Mohd Drus

2 Amy’s Ice Cream, based in Austin, Texas, is a privately held corporation formed in 1984 by Amy Miller and owned by Miller and small group of family members and friend. At the outset, one of the most important decisions Miller faced was choosing an appropriate legal ownership structure for the new business. Fuelled by the founder’s dedication to creating happy ice cream memories for customers, Amy’s has continued to evolve and grow. The company now operates nine stores and rings up close to $3.5 million in annual sales. Applying for a job is an adventure creativity, and Miller welcomes employee’s suggestion for new flavours and new promotions.

3 How does Amy’s Ice Cream differ from a publicly held corporation?
Stock held by only a few people and is not available for sale to the general public. The controlling group of stockholders is a small of family members and friends.

4 What are some of the particular advantanges of corporate ownership for a firm such as Amy’s Ice Cream? Low start-up costs and limited financial liability. Simplicity of legal setup procedure. Shares / stock can be sold or passed on form generation to generation.

5 How well do you think Amy’s is working to ensure its continued survival and success? Looking ahead to future growth, that marketing, financial or other suggestions would you make - Amy should open many stores and many different product in others places beside in Austin, Texas. Amy should be use marketing and expanded her product according to the latest technology such as online marketing, blogs beside use newspaper or television. Amy must diversification of product such as find the new flavours, new pattern, new product and etc.

6 What are some of the issues that Amy Miller may have to comfort because of the numerous investors are her family members and friends? Each partner may be liable for all business debts incurred by any of the partners. -Difficult in transfer ownership which is must get consent from all partners. -May be can have different opinion or suggestion about product, marketing and etc.

7 Should Amy’s Ice Cream become a publicly held corporation
Should Amy’s Ice Cream become a publicly held corporation? Support your chosen position. Yes. Amy’s ice Cream should become a publicly held corporation because : Can to generate the capital needed to expand. -Increased public awareness of the company. -Ability to utilize stock to make acquisitions. -Enhanced credibility and prestige her company.

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