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Understanding PARCC Instructional Supports and Assessment

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1 Understanding PARCC Instructional Supports and Assessment Tools @PARCCPlace #askPARCC @BonnieHain

2 A Systemic Approach:


4 Designed from the outset : to maximize instructional time and minimize testing time to provide teachers, parents, and students with the critical information needed to make daily instructional choices What’s Different About PARCC’s Tools and Instructional Supports? 4

5 Instructional Tools Grades 2-8 Reading, Writing, Math Computer-based Designed to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses Diagnostic Assessments K-2 Formative ToolsSpeaking and Listening Grades K-2 Reading and math Checklists, running records, performance tasks Links to interventions/enrichments Grades K-12 Performance-based activities Spontaneous oral response to oral prompt; share findings of research in an oral presentation

6 Diagnostic Overview Includes range of sub-tests that pinpoint students’ learning strengths and needs Designed to support progress monitoring Uses adaptive and fixed form technologies Saves teachers and students testing time Lowers Cost 6 Aligned with Common Core State Standards and PARCC Assessment Targeting Grades 2 – 8

7 Diagnostic Components Decoding Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension of Literary and Informational Texts Independent Reading Level Motivation Survey Writing Mathematics Mathematics Comprehension / Locator Test Grade level sub-tests Content Progression sub-tests Cluster specific sub- tests Mathematics Fluency 7 English Language Arts

8 Flexible Diagnostic Assessment System Grade Level Test 6 attributes, ~48 items Learning Progression Test 6 attributes, ~48 items Individual Cluster Test 1 attribute, ~8 items

9 Mathematics Comprehension Example 9

10 Read the sentences from paragraph 12. Yes, I will be king of all the birds! And he strutted about majestically. Which detail from the passage shows a character that contrasts with the character in the sentence? A.“…the bird sang joyfully.” (paragraph 5) B.“With that the turkey turned and walked away, his head held very high.” (paragraph 22) C.“After that the sad little bird hid himself away, embarrassed to be seen without his feathers.” (paragraph 23) D.“…as he flew all over the forest everyone admired his multicolored feathers.” (paragraph 35) Sample Reading Comprehension item – 5 th grade 10

11 Sample Draft Report 11

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