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EPortfolios and Transition

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1 EPortfolios and Transition
Dr Helen Boulton, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator, School of Education Steve Wheelhouse, Employability Co-ordinator, School of Education

2 ePortfolios Defined ‘An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.’ (JISC)

3 SCOPE Project Support, Context, Ownership, Purpose and Engagement Development of ePortfolios in the School of Education

4 ePortfolio in the Transition into Employment
TDA Funded Research Grant SCOPE Developments Employability model links to Career EDGE, HEAR Pilot

5 eportfolio and the CareerEDGE Model
Career Development Learning Experience (Work & Life) Degree Subject Knowledge, Understanding and Skills Generic Skills Emotional Intelligence

6 eportfolio pilot CareerEDGE Model
The model is not a checklist but broad areas for development Important to record examples of engagement in employability activities in order to show progress and achievement over time. Start from the beginning of the course Why? Experiences are easily forgotten Difficulty if recalling examples over past years when trying to find examples of ‘progression’ when applying for jobs Reflections are key from the outset. Method of recording and reflecting on existing skills and experiences tutors will signpost how the course supports employability Vital to demonstrate progression for personal development

7 eportfolio ‘collection’
Suggested overview of ‘collection’ for a three year course Year 1 – collect evidence – artefacts, items, images, video, reflections etc. Year 2 – continue to collect information but with greater emphasis on ‘reflection of/on progress’. Consideration should be given to particular career destinations. Identify key learning needs. Year 3 / Final Year – As above but focussing on selecting and presenting appropriate ‘collections’ for particular audiences. Many employers request examples of progression and key evidence through their recruitment processes

8 Eportfolio and HEAR?

9 Questions? Contact: Twitter: DrHelenBoulton

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