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European Investment The Bristol Impact & Legacy Dr. Claire Herbert-Golden Bristol Economist.

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1 European Investment The Bristol Impact & Legacy Dr. Claire Herbert-Golden Bristol Economist

2 Europe Invests for Stability, Peace, Prosperity

3 Social Capital Economic Cohesion Environmental Sustainablity

4 Bristol Invests for Strong and safe communities Reducing inequality in health & wealth Raising achievements of young Sustainable prosperity

5 Structural Economic Issues Lack of private sector investment in localities Lack of infrastructure and scale to attract private sector investment Absence of high growth sectors Lack of venture capital Lack of competitive job market skills Lack of support capacity in communities Lack of connection to job market

6 In Filwood 2000-2010 Employee Jobs Fell by 15% Filwood Broadway Framework Report 2012 Average Household Income Filwood £25,000 Bristol £34,000 Filwood South Bristol has: 31% of Bristol’s working population 19% of Bristol’s jobs

7 In Bristol How much EU investment? Area Regeneration

8 Bristol Urban & Objective 2 1997-2008 Youth Led Educational attainment raised Crime Reduced Unemployment Individual and community capacity and access increased EU £18m Total £37m

9 2007-15 Urban Enterprise business growth & cohesion Growth Accelerator high business growth iNets technical innovation ELENA Local Energy Market Growth ICT4EV Boosting Electric Car Use ESFSkills

10 Impact & Legacy ?

11 Bristol Urban Enterprise Bringing Enterprise Alive Across Bristol

12 £ 25m investment in disadvantaged areas Bristol Urban Enterprise

13 £ 25m investment in disadvantaged areas 50% ERDF Bristol Urban Enterprise

14 Legacy - Sustainable Wealth Capital and social infrastructure Local businesses growth Inward investment Local job openings Links to wider economy Environmentally sustainable growth Economically sustainable capacity Local Digital Resource Aware Environmental Sectors

15 Gainsborough Square Community Trust The Park, Knowle HWV – Hartcliffe and Withywood Ventures Social Enterprise Works BRAVE Bristol City Council Local Investors

16 YTKO – Outset Bristol Business West Emmaus Dartington Trust – School for Social Entrepreneurs SW Investment Group HCA – Homes and Communities Agency DCLG, RDA UK Investors

17 Enterprise Confidence Start-up Outset Bristol Social Enterprise Links School for Social Entrepreneurs People projects

18 Local Infrastructure Gainsborough Square Centre, Lockleaze The Coach House, Ashley Studio 9 @ the Gatehouse, Hartcliffe & Withywood The Park, Knowle West Get Set, Merchant’s Academy, Withywood

19 Environmental Focus Emmaus Recycling Centre, Ashley Green & Digital Enterprises Knowle West The Green Business Park, Filwood Bristol Community Energy Development Agency Improve Your Business Resource Efficiency

20 £ 30m GVA 9,000 sqm business space 1,400 people’s aspirations 1,000 new jobs 400 new businesses

21 Photograph by Ben Smith for NP13 Gallery Studio 9 At The Gatehouse Centre

22 New Enterprise Spaces The Coach House Enterprise Centre

23 Green & Digital Enterprise Start-ups at Knowle West Media Centre

24 New Environmental Centre Filwood Green Business Park

25 The Bristol URBAN Programme is part Financed by the European Community European Regional Development Fund Thank you

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