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EInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) US Resource Centers Perspective: implementation and execution challenges Alan Blatecky Executive Director SDSC.

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1 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) US Resource Centers Perspective: implementation and execution challenges Alan Blatecky Executive Director SDSC

2 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Technology Drivers Data Storage (bits per square inch) (Doubling time 12 Months) Optical Fiber (bits per second) (Doubling time 9 Months) Silicon Computer Chips (Number of Transistors) (Doubling time 18 Months)

3 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids)



6 Observations Recent changes in the nature of science are creating an urgent requirement for a new class of distributed science infrastructure Emerging technologies are enabling new types of collaboration and possibilities in Science E-science has some unique requirements that will not be addressed by the marketplace Grid/Middleware technology and software development efforts are being done via a patchwork of diverse, short-term projects and programs Infrastructure includes an array of technologies and capabilities

7 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Data & Storage Networks & Middleware Instruments & Labs Domain Expertise & Disciplines Institutions & Communities Computers & Grids E-Science Collaboration Knowledge Applications eInfrastructure

8 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Reality Curves Hype Raw Performance Real Performance Reality Gap

9 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Range of Challenges Technical - interoperability, production, services Logistical, legal - licensing policies, Intellectual Property policies, authority, authentication, security, etc Ideological – cultural and administrative domains International – sharing resources across national boundaries User –Don’t care about who or where, just want it to work –Throughput and results are the primary metrics –Must address system issues

10 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Fundamental challenges Nature of science and engineering enabled by einfrastructure is fundamentally different from traditional approaches Organizational, institutional, managerial, economic changes required Conceptual frameworks and models are limited Need to develop new traditions of competing and cooperation –sharing becomes a fundamental tenant of einfrastructure

11 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) New requirements Shared resources, remote participation and control need to be integrated with local control New rules, social conventions, folkways and mores for einfrastructure research need to be developed Standard setting as a solution is wishful thinking – limited time to get agreement, swiftness of change, etc Persistence and success requires risk-taking at the outset; selection of approaches and technologies before they are “proven”

12 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Important issues Need to “crawl” before you walk and run –Managing expectations and perceptions –Accomplishing “modest” goals first Understand difference between Production and Experimentation Coordination and cooperation needs to become a social norm –Individual – institutional – regional – national –Success metrics include a coordination component

13 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Some Suggestions Continue exploration of establishing joint formal agreements among national funding agencies NSF and EU to set up 2 annual meetings –Program officers and Grid PIs, Middleware developers, etc –Selected scientific domains serve as a focus for each Funded major Grid and middleware projects to include specific international components, for example, –2 international trips each year to visit “sister” efforts or projects in another country –Reverse site visits – teams invited in to review and advise –% of resources set aside for international use only, etc

14 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) More Suggestions continued Major resource centers to establish annual coordinated workshops on Grid services and providers Sabbaticals for technologists and scientists to spend time at a center in a different country Student internship programs – sponsored by a resource center, funding agency Create specific scientific domain BOFs at each GGF Funding Agencies establish one or more achievement award programs –Best international exchange of technology –Best shared application, scientific collaboration/discovery –May include some monetary award as well

15 eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids) Incentive Suggestions Need to establish incentives for sharing and collaboration at the international level –Local, regional and global support –User as well as institution and organization May be as simple as starting with program officer recognition and encouragement Needs to be a common message from funding agencies Needs to be supported/encouraged by local institutions and management Included as a component in reviews and evaluation

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